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March is National Nutrition Month - How Healthy Is Your City

By Lawrence Davis

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March marks the arrival of National Nutrition Month, and to celebrate, Foursquare has released its 2nd annual list of most and least healthiest cities.  Foursquare has looked at data from more than 3 billion check-ins to determine the healthiest eaters in the country based on check-ins to healthy spots like juice bars, salad shops, yoga studios, tracks and gyms over the last year.

Top 10 Healthiest Eating Cities Based on Check-Ins to Healthy Venues Bottom 10 Healthiest Eating Cities Based on Check-Ins to Healthy Venues
1 Boulder, CO 1 Myrtle Beach, SC
2 San Jose, CA 2 Montgomery, AL
3 Manchester, NH 3 Atlantic City, NY
4 El Paso, TX 4 Las Vegas, NV
5 San Diego, CA 5 New Orleans, LA
6 Madison WI 6 Tulsa, OK
7 Provo, UT 7 Grand Rapids, MI
8 New York, NY 8 Toledo, OH
9 Los Angeles, CA 9 Jacksonville, FL
10 Boston, MA 10 Bismark, ND
This ranking certainly is not static for example, Manchester, NH was in the bottom 10 last year—great work guys! Want to see your city move higher on the healthiest city list? Here are a few things you can do:
• Follow healthy lists in your city like
• Great running trails in Austin and Tennessee
• Best places to walk, run and hike in Atlanta
• Chicago’s top yoga, pilates and tai chi studios 
• Running spots in the Bay Area
• Los Angeles’ most scenic running routes  
• Oregon running trails 
• Brooklyn’s top fitness spots from yoga to rock climbing
• North Carolina’s finest hiking and running trails 
• All things fitness, from Florida to Colorado.
• Top 10 biking trails across the U.S. for experts and beginners
• Great Outdoors  lists that will get you off the couch and onto the trails 
• Like health-focused brands on Foursquare that can help you explore your local nutrition and fitness community. 
• Whole Foods
• Runner’s World 
• Men’s Health
• Lululemon  
• Shape Magazine
• Nike
• Create your own list of the most nutritious places in your town!

Published on Mar 08, 2013

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