Juicing For Your Health

"A friend of mine told me to watch a movie called, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" which was a documentary about an overweight man who was very sick that went on a juicing binge to cure himself and lose his excess weight. The movie was very moving and very informative. It made me start juicing, not just for weight loss, but for the benefits of providing my body with the vitamins and nutrients it needed instantly. You see juicing goes right into your blood stream and is pure form of replenishing your body with the necessary things that it needs. You will see remarkable transformation not only with your weight, but with how your feel.

I tried juicing for almost two weeks straight and loved it. I didn't feel tired and had more energy and I didn't feel hungry. It seemed my body craved veggies more and less sugar and my skin and hair looked great! Now I try to juice as often as possible, sometimes I'll juice for several days straight just to cleanse my body of any toxins and then go back to putting in good organic meals. Juicing will always be a part of my life now that I understand and have seen the benefits. Recently, I was given a juicing book of recipes by a dear friend, so it's a perfect excuse for me to get back into something that is not only delicious and nutritious, but fun! Making up recipes to share with your friends and knowing that you are doing something that is so good for your body is what juicing is all about. Give it a try if only for a few days and see what I'm talking about!


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