Jane Fonda's Workout - The Next Generation of Jane Fonda's Workout Re-Launches in Hollywood

Jane Fonda’s Workout returns for the next generation of fitness enthusiasts. While Jane’s original best-selling fitness book and video were released in 1982, her soon to be released DVD’s and fitness equipment have been completely revamped.

Jane Fonda continues her reign as fitness queen 30 years after the launch of Jane Fonda's Workout

The new brand of Jane Fonda’s WORKOUT DVDs will feature a line up of innovative and entrepreneurial trainers, each of which were personally selected by Jane. Team Fonda members include Karena Dawn, Katrina Hodgson, Jeanette Jenkins, and Tara Stiles. The recent re-launch event of the new brand featured exercise demos, photo opportunities and an appearance by Jane Fonda herself.

Team Fonda shares a jump during the Re-Launch Event

The event was made for the body conscious and called for gym attire. In addition to watching Team Fonda workout, attendees enjoyed health and beauty sponsors Boku Superfood, Pomega5’s all natural beauty products, and Sambazon Acai items. Boku Superfood offered tastings of their Organic Strawberry-Banana Super Protein Smoothie. The drink included a mixture of their Super Protein and Super Food products, fresh fruit and rice milk, offering up a tasty post-workout drink that’s dairy, gluten, and soy free. After sampling these items it was time to get down to business.

Jane Fonda introduces the Scupt and Tone trainers Karena and Katrina

Just as the sponsors align with Jane Fonda’s continued promotion of a healthy lifestyle, Team Fonda boasts credentials that make for a great mix of trainers. As Jeanette began the exercise demos at the re-launch, I witnessed her boot camp acumen come to life. Jeanette is thefounder andPresident of The Hollywood Trainer,andis also thecreator of the highly successful Bikini Bootcamp. Karena and Katrina look like your typical gym rats, and rightfully so, they recently opened their own gym, Tone it Up, in Hermosa Beach. Lastly, Yoga guru Tara has garnered recognition from Vanity Fair magazine as the “The Coolest Yoga Instructor Ever” and just happens to be the personal yoga instructor to spiritual leader Deepak Chopra’s Yoga teacher. She is also founder and owner of StralaYoga which boasts a New York City studio in Soho. No doubt, Jane Fonda’s Workout brand is in good hands.

Stills from each of the DVD's show Team Fonda at work

GoFit is the production team behind the new Jane Fonda’s WORKOUT. “Jane Fonda not only revolutionized the home workout experience, but she also created an approachable, well rounded, healthy way of living,” said Richard Davis, Co-Founder of GoFit. “We are honored to be working so closely with Jane to reintroduce and continue to build and grow this amazing brand.” The 4 DVD’s scheduled for release December 26th, 2010 exclusively at Target and Amazon.com include Karena and Katrina’s Sculpt & Tone, Jeanette’s Bootcamp Ultra, Tara’s Daily Yoga, and Fast Abs Sculpt which brings Team Fonda together. The fitness equipment available on the brand includes a powerball, pilates mat, and superbands, among other items. Select products include instructional DVDs and labeled exercise poses imprinted directly on the equipment for quick reference.

In addition to DVD's, fitness equipment including a Pilates Ball and Yoga Mat

For more information on the new Jane Fonda’s Workout, click here.

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