Happy Water - Bringing the Benefits of Lithia to the Mainstream

Today there seems to be a water for everything. Whatever you need, someone is willing to add it to water and sell it to you. How about putting happiness in a bottle? A little more difficult, but with all-natural Lithia and alkaline spring water, Happy Water from Canada just put a smile on your face.

Leading Brands and their Chairman and CEO Ralph McRae were introduced to a natural spring with amazing benefits and discovered a water that was far too amazing not to share with the world.

"A fellow walked into our office and said he had the rights to a spring in Canada and said it had a magical ingredient, Lithia. It does two things; it improves your mood, he said I’m bipolar but since I started drinking this water I don't need my medication anymore and the second thing it does is that it stimulates the growth of new brain cells, neurogenesis," Ralph said.

Ralph did his homework and found that Lithia really was beneficial and there had been numerous studies on it. In addition to elevating your happiness and stimulating the growth of brain cells, it also contains alkaline, which combats the typical high acidic diet most people have today. Finally, the mineral count from Happy Water came back containing all of the elements of your sweat, so you are putting all those elements that you are losing right back into your body. You aren't going to find that in other waters.

"We decided to focus on things that were naturally functional, things that came from the earth, coconut water is an example," Ralph stated. "Lithia is naturally occurring, it comes out of the spring that way, but you need a hot spring to produce it."

From an article in the New York Times in 2014 "Evidence is slowly accumulating that relatively tiny doses of lithium can have beneficial effects. They appear to decrease suicide rates significantly and may even promote brain health and improve mood." The article discusses a variety of studies regarding lithium including a 1990 study published looking at 27 Texas counties with a variety of lithium levels in their water. The authors discovered that people whose water had the least amount of lithium had significantly greater levels of suicide, homicide and rape than the people whose water had the higher levels of lithium. The group whose water had the highest lithium level had nearly 40 percent fewer suicides than that with the lowest lithium level. Almost 20 years later, a Japanese study that looked at 18 municipalities with more than a million inhabitants over a five-year period confirmed the earlier study’s finding: Suicide rates were inversely correlated with the lithium content in the local water supply. A recent review of epidemiological studies of lithium in drinking water reported that 9 out of 11 studies found an association between higher levels of lithium in local water and “beneficial clinical, behavioral, legal and medical outcomes.”

The article further shared some amazing news that one study found that at the higher therapeutic doses used to treat mood disorders, brain scans of bipolar patients treated with lithium actually had increased areas of gray matter (neurons) in their brains, compared with bipolar patients who had not been on lithium and with normal controls. The authors speculated that lithium might protect the brain, perhaps promoting neuronal growth.

Happy Water is currently in Canada, but they want to bring it into the United States to a consumer who fully understands the benefits of Happy Water and they are looking at hopefully making it in later this year.

Ralph likes to share a great quote his wife uses to sum up Happy Water, from John Lennon, "When I went to school my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said happy. She said I didn't understand the assignment and I said you don't understand life."

For more information visit: Happy Water

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