Freedom Laser Therapy - Quit Smoking System Review - Dedicated to Freeing the World from Nicotine Addiction

Craig Nabat, entrepreneur, inventor and owner of Freedom Laser Therapy is a man “Dedicated to Freeing the World from Nicotine Addiction” … one of his goals is to help 5 million people quit smoking over the next two years.  Despite the uphill struggle, millions in investments and years of challenging product development … and one would imagine some bullying from the Big Tobacco Lords and Big Pharma …

This man still keeps going … This is a man on a mission!

Craig Nabat - Man on a Mission

Nabat founded Freedom Laser Therapy in 2003, since then he has helped over 10,000 people quit smoking through his Freedom Quit Smoking System – a multi-faceted program that focuses on the physical, psychological and educational aspects of assisting cigarette smokers to overcome nicotine addiction.

You can learn more about Freedom Laser Therapy from previous Splash articles by Charlotte Pehnmore   & Seth Aronson.

It would be ideal if you could consult with him personally at his innovative nicotine addiction clinic in Los Angeles ... BUT what if you are not able to visit Hollywood, California?  

Freedom Laser - Dedicated Freeing the World from Nicotine Addiction


Well, Craig Nabat, currently featured on the cover of INVENTORS Digest (October 2015 issue – ) has just launched a home use program– The FREEDOM QUIT SMOKING SYSTEM, which uses high frequency light and tranquil soundwaves, a homeopathic craving control spray and audio therapy - which Craig considers an all-natural and drug free approach to instilling the behavioral modifications necessary to quit smoking. A former pack and a half a day smoker himself, he is adamantly opposed to using the patch, gum or e-cigarettes to quit …  “why would a person use nicotine to quit nicotine?” he preaches.

“Smokers require 10 days to quit” proclaims Nabat, the former smoker explained that it takes that long to rid the blood stream of nicotine and toxins.  “The first 3 days are the critical period when nicotine withdrawal occurs.  However, even with the nicotine out of the system, the psychological effects remain long after quitting.  The FREEDOM QUIT SMOKING SYSTEM addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of weaning oneself off nicotine addiction.

You can order your FREEDOM QUIT SMOKING SYSTEM directly from Freedom Laser Therapy at  The product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Freedom Quit Smoking System - for use at home

Corporations nationwide are being presented with the smoking cessation program to fulfill Nabat’s mission of greatly reducing the number of smokers in the United States.


Craig Nabat can really help you on your quest to be smoke free – all YOU have to do is make the COMMITMENT to QUIT SMOKING – unfortunately, he can NOT do that for you, though I’m sure the driven Nabat wishes he could! 

Craig insists “quitting smoking is EASY not hard” and here are Nabat’s personal guidelines for slaying the beast!: 

1)  Make the decision to quit and commit to it.  Setting a QUIT date is advisable.

2)  Realize you are not addicted to cigarettes  - it is the NICOTINE you are addicted to.

3)  Choose to forget any positive memory of being a smoker.

4)  Only think about the negative experiences smoking has brought into your life.

5)  Allow yourself 72 hours to rid your body of nicotine, this occurs naturally and is considered the crucial detoxification period.

6)  Understand you must allow your body to fully detoxify, it approximately takes 10 days for the withdrawal from nicotine and tobacco to subside.

7)  Accept that smoking is like being in a bad relationship, it is abusive and for self-preservation, you must walk away from it.

8)  Use exercise as your new dependency to combat the stress and anxiety associated with giving up smoking.

9)  Never envy seeing a single person smoking; feel bad for them as you witness their addictive behavior.

10)  View a cigarette simply as the delivery device for the drug nicotine, the pack of cigarettes, or 20 units of nicotine is what the product marketer, Big Tobacco has predetermined that their customer will use on an average daily to satisfy nicotine dependency.

11)  Erase the notion that using nicotine to quit nicotine makes sense. It only prolongs the agony of quitting. The physical withdrawal subsides in only 3 days. Thereafter you are simply overcoming the psychological aspects of the addiction and it gets easier in time, just like the recent loss of a relationship.


So, when YOU are ready to make that lasting COMMITMENT TO QUIT SMOKING – let none other than, Craig Nabat and his FREEDOM SYSTEM be your aide and guide to healthier, happier SMOKE FREE LIFE.  Good Luck – perhaps you don’t need luck just the FREEDOM QUIT SMOKING SYSTEM.


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