Freedom Laser Therapy – Quit Smoking Review: FREEDOM is Just Another Word for “Yes, I Can Quit Smoking”

I think of him first thing in the morning … and kissing him is the last thing I do at night … sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night because I need him so … I have driven through storms and blizzards to get him … I have rummaged through the garbage for him … I have lied for him … I have begged for him … I have cheated about him … he has probably cost me socially … but I tell myself hanging out with his friends Martini and Coffee are much cooler.  To be honest, when I’m with him it’s only on occasion that I have a good time, as I spend most of it secretly in self loathing.  But when I’m away from him I miss him so much it hurts and I go crazy.  I know he is no good for me … and the chances are that he will end up killing me … I see what he has done to some of my friends… but he is my lover – sometimes known as Phillip Morris.  I hear he has aliases like Marlboro, Winston, Kent, Camel, Newport, even Virginia, and many others but to me he is always Mr. KOOL.

I am told he has other lovers … Is he your lover, too?

Craig Nabat - Magician with his Magic Wand

Seriously, are you a smoker?  Which is just another word for being an addict - a nicotine addict …

You say you don’t want to quit …

or are you saying you don’t know if you can quit …

or you don’t know how to quit …

You may have tried before, possibly even been successful for a bit but then eventually went back to your old partner ? They say that a smoker tries several times until they are finally smoke free.  But each time it seems to get harder to do and somehow tomorrow never seems to come …

With all the facts out there, one knows one should not smoke … and when one sees those realistic commercials on TV, one does feel scared or stupid that he/she smokes.  It’s supposedly harder to give up smoking than give up heroin … dear Lord !  Did you know that 40% of smokers have started by age 14 and 90% of all smokers are on the weed by 19?  Nicotine likes to target them young.

Are you lucky to still be healthy? Or so you think?  Well, that’s really the best time to quit.  What if the next cigarette … is the one that causes the stroke or the heart attack …  one never knows for sure …

What if  … there was a magic wand and you could stop smoking once and for all - would you want to quit? If it was doable and all you had to do was bring your desire … Would you owe it to yourself to give it a try? That’s the question to ask …

(Notice I did not say commitment - that will come later.) 

Photographs by Kaylan Libby @ edit.Photography

Perhaps you want to try one more time and quit finally, once and for all? … Try Freedom Laser - a “quit smokingLaser Therapy based on the principles of Acupuncture. Where Acupuncture points are stimulated on the hands, face, wrists, and ears releasing edorphins, which is intended to help alleviate nicotine withdrawal symptoms. After 35 years of use in Europe and Canada, this procedure has been available in the United States for over a decade. The Laser Therapy procedure is external, pain free, non-invasive, and drug free.

Craig Nabat, the president and founder and a former pack and a half a day smoker, is driven to assist smokers to quit smoking once and for all.

During the Freedom Laser Therapy session the patient watches a 30-minute video dealing with the psychological aspects of overcoming their nicotine addiction. It is at this point that Craig helps you turn your desire into a commitment.  He takes the time to explain what you will go through physically and emotionally, which in turn makes the process easier, as one knows exactly what to expect.  No surprises … just the results to get rid of your lover forever.

Vitamins and antioxidants are provided along with a comprehensive quit smoking support kit. Over 10,000+ clients have walked through Freedom's doors since 2003.  It is validated that many of the biggest names in Hollywood have experienced freedom from their nicotine addiction thanks to Freedom Laser Therapy.

Facts:  The success rate of the nicotine patch is about 20%, the gum only 12%, and with Freedom Laser Therapy it’s as high as 65%.  So if you do want to give quitting smoking or ditching any other addiction  another shot … FREEDOM LASER is your best bet.

Or if you are in Los Angeles call Craig Nabat: 323 933 0304

It really does work :) I know you can do it.  Good Luck!


Your trusted friend,

Charlotte Pehnmore


P. SFreedom Laser also works for other addictions – cocaine, heroin, pills, alcohol, and perhaps even a lover!

P.P.S.  Guess what … Freedom Laser will surprise you with a HOME Device this October, so everyone nationwide can attack this monster in the privacy of their own home.


Freedom Laser Therapy

7815 Beverly Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90036

323 933 0304

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