There are times in life where big things cause big changes and other times where small steps accumulate to more than you could have imagined.  This is one of those moments.  When clients ask me what they can do to immediately change their life and their health certain tips always remain constant. Below I share four of them with you that can be incorporated at this very moment!

Water is the most important tool you have for your health.  Humans are comprised of 75% water and you need to make sure you are drinking high quality water AND at the right time!   "What"? you ask... "Right time for water"?  Well yes there are specific reasons as to why timing is beneficial! 
An absolute must is to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.  It helps your body clear out acid and flush out the accumulation of toxins that settled in joints while you slept.  It rehydrates you on a cellular level which is incredibly important for energy and neuro function.  There is also a time when NOT to drink water!  Do NOT drink too much WITH meals because we need our maximum digestive enzymes so we can absorb nutrients from our food.  Drinking water with meals, specifically cold water, dilutes our natural enzymes and most people are already depleted.  When  enzyme function is depleted the food doesn't digest properly, we don't get energy and our metabolism slows down.  
How much water to drink is a liter of water for every 50 pounds of body weight.... 100 pounds is 8 glasses a day... 200 pounds 130 ounces a day.  The right amount is necessary because it is the single way to cleanse your organs and lymphatic system.  The correct amount of water gives your body what it needs to make T Cells, natural killer cells and boost your immune system to ward of illness and disease.  If this seems overwhelming for you then just try and simply add another 16 ounces to where you are now as a baby step. If you are one of those... "but I don't like water" people here is a tip!  Simply add some berries, herbs or  basil leaves in water.  Citrus combinations of lemon, limes, and orange or even cucumber flavors your water to where you will find it delicious.  
It is important to get water with minerals intact and without fluoride so quality is crucial. Filtering fluoride and other chemicals out of your tap water is a must.  Twenty five studies across four countries prove that even small amounts of fluoride lowers IQ, causes sleeping problems and a host of other issues.  So in summary, drink your optimal amount of quality water and during the correct times of day!


The food most scarce in the American diet is also the most important!  GREENS!  Dis-ease is caused by digestion, stagnation, depletion and deficiency.  It is a domino effect of health problems.  Greens is a simple way to cleanse your system daily and flood your body with the nutrition it needs to function optimally.  Two servings of leafy greens a day is really all you need although certainly more is even better.  These greens can come in the form of salads such as kale or spinach, a lunch wrap in a collard green, a delicious green smoothie or even kale chips.  All of these recipes are readily available to my clients or you can simply look them up online.  I advise many of my clients to simply throw some kale and spinach in a blender in the morning with some berries, banana, a scoop of protein powder, chia seeds and/or flax and you are starting your day with a superfood powerhouse and your organs will say thank you!

I never thought I would be promoting dairy but this is not your typical milk.  This dairy is truly food as medicine.  I am referring to quality the way nature intended which means RAW unpasteurized milk.  We all grew up on pasteurized milk and on top of that the milk was sourced from cows that grew up on corn and/or soy.  Milk then becomes a very different food or non-food and causes severe acidity.  Not only do we NOT have proper enzymes to digest pasteurized milk from animals eating corn and soy but milk then also leaches minerals from our bones.  We learned to drink milk for calcium and bone health but no wonder we are one of the countries with the highest rate of osteoporosis.  Raw dairy is medicine containing colostrum which lays the foundation for our immune system.  Raw milk helps children with asthma, has 9 essential amino acids, good fats and naturally occurring and enzymes.  If you think you are lactose intolerant you should find yourself cured with raw milk for it is not heated and therefore the lactose still intact enabling your body to digest it fully.  Most people do not get bloated and gassy with raw dairy.  Raw dairy is hard to find in some states so be sure to know the quality and research that the company has a great track record.  One company that I can recommend is Organic Pastures. Overall, drink milk in its natural state and observe your health improve greatly!

Did you know that Coconut oil can truly change your life? After decades of people thinking any kind of fat was bad we now know that what we need to ensure quality of life are essential fats and oils for numerous reasons.  One of the best kinds of fat is sourced from coconut oil!  We are a country riddled with neurological issues and declining neuro function.  The fat in coconut oil provides quick energy to the brain and body in general.  The healthy fat feeds the thyroid which is the furnace of the human body.  Coconut oil is amazing to protect the immune system.  It provides powerful anti fungal properties, improves digestive function and soothes the digestive tract. It will literally help you BURN fat and is amazing for your skin and hair.  Just 1 tablespoon a day is all that is needed to achieve these amazing benefits.  A great idea is to put 1/2 a teaspoon into coffee.  It will also ensure you don't get bloated after drinking your morning fix.  Keep some good quality organic extra virgin coconut oil in your kitchen and bathroom for your skin and hair and feel the difference immediately!
Water, greens, raw milk and coconut oil...Four baby steps to start today on your journey to a better and healthier you!  Enjoy!
Jennifer Kamstock, MS is a licensed holistic nutritionist and speech language pathologist. She is the author of "The Everyday Detox", host of the TV show Fight It or Bite It and health/wellness host/spokesperson for livestrong and ehow. As a comedianne and actress she can currently be seen in the recurring role of investigative reporter Brittney Bowers on Disovery's Dark Secrets and the comedy Focus Groups.  For requests or health inquiries ontact [email protected].  


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