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Fiona - The Art of a Blissful Massage

By Lawrence Davis

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Fiona was born in the lovely town of Chanthaburi in Thailand. After receiving her business degree from the international Assumption University of Thailand, she was drawn to California to start her own business as a massage therapist.

With her joyful spirit and dedication to the art of healing, Fiona has had great success in Los Angeles. She has many years of experience and training in multiple styles—including a focus on Esalen massage, with its use of long flowing strokes—and Fiona has evolved her own special unique methods.  With her blissful style, she brings physical, mental and spiritual healing to her clients.

Fiona’s practice continues to expand, with locations in Manhattan Beach and Beverly Hills. Full of life, and passionate about the healing power of touch, she hopes to continue to give the gift of her very special art to the world.

Fiona can be reached at 310-227-555, or via her site at fionabliss.com

Published on Nov 27, 2014

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