Eco Products Salon - Find Out What is Hot In the Eco-Friendly World

While the Anaheim Convention Center was packed with over 60,000 people for Expo West, Consumer Products Events invited a few select products to take part in the Eco Products Salon on Saturday, March 10th.

In most instances this event allows an in depth look at the products and also provides and opportunity to meet the creator or owner of the product line. Consumer Product Events puts on this type of event a few times per year to help spread the word on new product lines in areas such as baby, Valentines day and on this weekend an assortment of organic, green, natural and eco-friendly products.

Boiron is well known for the popular Oscillococcinum that aids in prevention of the flu, but beyond that they are actually the world leader in homeopathic medicines. Boiron actually offers over 800 homepathic medicines, ranging from a common cold to pain relief and almost anywhere in between. Boiron is always looking for the better and more natural way to to cure your body. A great way to find out how well Boiron products work, next flu season buy a box of Oscillococcinum and begin taking it as soon as you see other people begin to get sick. You will almost surely avoid the flu and whatever illnesses are being passed around your office. Once you realize how amazing Boiron products are take a look at the rest of the product line and you will quickly realize that natural is better. For more information on Boiron, visit:

Boiron Homeopathic Products

LARABAR, “The Original Fruit & Nut Bar,” was on hand to introduce their new flavor, cappuccino. Once again LARABAR used just a few high quality ingredients to show how you can make a healthy bar that tastes amazing. The LARABAR cappuccino bar consists of; dates, almonds, cashews, Fair Trade Certified coffee and vanilla extract. Besides being healthy and tasting great, the LARABAR will fit nearly every type of diet as it is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, non-GMO, vegan and kosher. For more information, visit:

Larabar Product Line

Nika Water is a Southern California bottled-water company that donates 100% of profits to clean water projects in developing countries. To date, Nika Water has donated over $320,000. For more information, visit:

Nika Water

Swerve is going to quickly jump to the head of the line of sweeteners on the market, as it does a fantastic job in terms of creating a true sweet flavor in whatever you mix it into, while catering to many health conscious groups. Swerve has no artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives and it is a proven non-glycemic sweetener. If you are diabetic or you want to monitor your blood glucose, this is the sweetener for you. For more information, visit:


Staying in the sweet category, you probably never thought you would come across a “34-calorie cupcake,” did you? Well Kira’s Kiss Desserts did just that and their cupcake is endorsed by the American Diabetic Association. This is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth by choosing a great tasting treat that is also good for you. For more information, visit:


Generally eating granola used to make you feel good, that you were putting something positive in your body. That has changed over the past few years as more and more granola has been hit with sugar, additives and throwing a wide number of extra items in that add calories and just turn what should be healthy granola into just another cereal. Love Grown Foods is looking to turn you back to the healthy side of granola. Their “love-infused” granola is subtly sweetened with honey and agave and then loaded up with nuts, dried fruits and dark chocolate, creating a healthy and tasty breakfast or snacking favorite. For more information, visit:

Love Grown Foods

If you love French fries but don’t love what they do to you, then you are in the same boat as the creator of Boadacious Foods Company. Founder Cathy Cunningham Hays was looking for a gluten free snack that had flavor and so she created Jaxn’s Twice-Baked Potato Stix. These snacks are 30 percent lower in fat than regular potato chips and they also pack a serious crunch and even more flavor and are a great answer to childhood obesity and and anyone with Celiac disease. For more information, visit:

Jaxn's Twice-Baked Potato Stix

If you need to get a jump start on your weight loss program as you are trying to clean up your diet, Amazing Body Now provides a great natural weight loss program to help you drop those extra pounds. For more information, visit:

Purity of water is a major concern today, but also a concern is the number of plastic bottles filling our landfill. Ion Ways came up with a solution to both of these problems. Ion Ways has a great home system but they have also introduced an amazing product for you to take with you. The elita PhD squeeze bottle treats 400 bottles of water at a cost of .10 per liter. It removes 99.99% of aesthetics, biological, chemical and disolved solids. For more information, visit:

Alimapure is a line of mineral makeup created by Dr. Hauschka that will change the way you view makeup. If you have sensitive skin this is for you as it does not contain any harmful products such as nano-particles, parabends or fragrances and at the same time they are all vegetarian, vegan and cruelty free. Even better, a little of Alimapure goes a long way as the product is highly  pigmented. For more information, visit:

Soapberry is a great alternative to the normal chemical laundry products that you buy in the store. Using soap nuts from India, this product is chemical-free, inexpensive and very friendly to you and the environment. For more information, visit:

It is always amazing the creative and new products that come out every year and these are just a few of the new standouts. You aren't likely to find many of these at the local store yet, but they are worth taking the time and effort to track down as they will help make a change in your life.


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