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There is no one of sound mind who wants to experience pain. Maybe we will voluntarily put ourselves through the pain of a Stairmaster or falling in love or even near-alcohol poisoning, but what makes it bearable is knowing, at some point in the near future, that the pain will stop and we will go back to how we were before (or hopefully skinner in some cases). What if there was not a guarantee that the pain would stop?

Dr. Moshe Lewis is a pain specialist located in Redwood City, California that has made it his life mission to help victims of chronic pain stay functional and enable them to enjoy life to the fullest. Dr. Lewis uses what is called integrative medicine which includes everything from prescriptions drugs to acupuncture to yoga to meditation. “I try to blend the best in medicine from the east and the west. I know that the future of pain management is going to be a blend of treatments not because it is trendy, but because it is absolutely the most effective and most complete wrap around care for a patient,” explains Dr. Lewis.

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Practicing pain management for over seven years now, Dr. Lewis originally sparked interest in the field when his mother had a stroke. Driven by the desire to alleviate pain and prevent such common issues as unnecessary death, overdose, suicide, and prescription drug abuse, Dr. Lewis is dedicated to providing the best service possible to his patients and getting free information out to the public. “The cost of prescription drugs is too high and people need to know that alternative forms of medicine can be just as effective, if not more.”

Dr. Lewis received his degree from Mount Sinai Medical School in New York and is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. “I feel lucky to work in a profession where I really have a chance to help those that are willing to get better. It is very possible that I could make a positive impact on the quality of someone else’s life in a relatively short period of time,” explains Dr. Lewis. “On top of those reasons, I really like the interaction my job allows me to have with so many different personality types. I definitely have some interesting stories.”

The most common ailments that Dr. Lewis treats are arthritis, lower back pain, and rotator cuff syndrome. “Age catches up with us and what used to be aches becomes chronic pain. My goal is to find a unique regimen for each patient to limit joint pain from severe progression and to keep the functionality intact. Time and gravity are great enemies but a blend or recipe of treatments creates an overall better experience and more long lasting relief for pain.”

Photo Courtesy of Anthony Mora Communications

A patient of Dr. Lewis’s can expect to have an individualized experience. “We see our patients more than their primary care physician and know more about their pain than most members of their family.” A patient is usually seen monthly or even every two weeks if the treatment is in its early stages. All patients start with a clinical exam where results are explained in ways that are easy to understand. Then a case specific treatment plan is designed and implemented. Since Dr. Lewis has specialists from all areas of medicine located in his office, all patients receive a multidimensional perspective. Most treatment plans are covered by insurance and if not, prices are reasonable. As with most medical issues, if you have pain and chose to see Dr. Lewis earlier in the process rather than later, chances of large gains are much more possible.

To further empower his patients, Dr. Lewis also started the Virtual Pain Center, an interactive, patient-driven blog site. The site contains professional interviews, patient stories, patient suggestions, tips from care givers and much more. All content is professionally edited to assure medical accuracy.

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