Dr. Isaac Eliaz: A Natural Healer Among Us

Santa Rosa, California, a place known for its striking natural beauty, is home to a dedicated integrative medicine physician who has spent his life advancing the practice of holistic healing and nurturing the mind-body connection, achieving astonishing results in extending and enhancing people’s lives.  Here is where you can find Dr. Isaac Eliaz, M.D., M.S., L.Ac. -- a remarkably dynamic expert who is changing the world of medicine and health, not so much silently, as he is actively and strategically pursuing the power of mind-body medicine with a focus on boundless compassion and an open heart.

Dr. Issac Eliaz - a healer among us

With his whole-person approach to healing, combined with his substantiated advances in integrative cancer treatments which are nothing short of astonishing, Eliaz offers the remarkable ability to change the lives of adults and children in ways traditional doctors would never imagine. His kindness, his empathy and his leading expertise across Western, Eastern and complementary medical disciplines have created a worldwide network of devoted patients and admirers who come from all walks of life to engage in his wisdom and his practice for a better life. 

Through a synergistic combination of diverse medical approaches emphasizing organic nutrition, specialized botanical formulas, meditation and mind-body exercises, acupuncture and a concentration on holistic methods, Dr. Eliaz is doing more than his part to change the way people view medicine today. Here is a man who has no issue in challenging the conventional pharmaceutical wisdom by researching and defining new treatments which may not include chemotherapy for a cancer diagnosis, but something far more different and effective for most.  

When one visits Dr. Eliaz in the Northern California town of Sebastopol that he calls home, they are remarkably aware almost immediately of his unpretentious, yet methodical approach to their whole being, no matter what the reason for their visit.  Most people’s association with the words “physician” or “integrative” usually do not also include “meditation,” “mind-body,” “wholeness” and “natural.” But these are the words which can describe a day or a moment with Eliaz. He doesn’t move quickly through hundreds of patients, but rather takes the necessary time to understand the unique issues of each individual who comes to see him. With his unparalleled integrative perspectives and holistic approach, Eliaz is able to uncover and strategically resolve the root causes of illness in a person, undiscovered in many cases by even the most advanced diagnostics and specialists.

For these reasons, patients have traveled the globe to see him. His remarkable climb in popularity is not something man-made out of a fancy global media campaign or flashy commercials but from word of mouth and trust from former patients who have been given the opportunity for Dr. Eliaz to simply change their life.  Slowly, naturally and holistically.

For more information on Dr. Isaac Eliaz, go to www.dreliaz.org or www.econugenics.com

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