Daily Greens by Shauna Martin – Making Breast Cancer Awareness a Yearlong Crusade

October just finished up what was another amazing month of Breast Caner Awareness. But for Shauna Martin, CEO and Founder of Daily Greens, the awareness has turned into far more than a one month a year event. It has become a daily crusade after overcoming breast cancer and now helping fight for this cause in a wide variety of ways.

Shauna was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33, being diagnosed is the first bad news, the second part is the treatment and then recovery. Shauna struggled to recover from the trauma of multiple surgeries and the toxic effects of chemotherapy left her body broken down and her immune systems depleted.  This was when she new something needed to change.

“I began to research the powerful impact of food has on our health. As a result, I learned that no only could I heal my body from the after effects of my treatment, but I could potentially prevent a recurrence of my breast cancer. The cornerstone of my new plant-based lifestyle quickly became green juice,” Shauna said.

The story that Shauna shares is those nine years later she is not only completely recovered from her battle against breast cancer, but instead of just surviving, she is thriving. Her transformation from disease to health drove her to become an advocate for juicing greens as part of a long-term healthy lifestyle and with that she created Daily Greens. While the benefit of juicing has always been known and has become more mainstream, it still can be a tough juice to swallow. Shauna knew to empower people across the country she had to do two things, first she had to make it for them and second she had to make it so it was delicious.

Daily Greens

The key to the switch to a plant-based lifestyle Shauna made is drinking cold-pressed juices. The cold-pressed juices contain up to five times more nutrients than standard juicing, for it presses the juice out of the fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than a high-speed centrifugal that creates some heat that breaks down nutrients. In addition cold-pressed juicers are more efficient, extracting more juice from the produce.

“Through The China Study, it was discovered that cancer cells thrive in acidic bodies. The major contributors or most acidic foods are: soft drinks, coffee, meat, dairy, and packaged/processed foods. These also are quite common in the Standard American Diet. Therefore, I believe it is the decreasing amount of fresh fruits and vegetables – due to cost, accessibility, etc. – in individual’s diets that correlates with the increase of cancer” Shauna said.

All juicing is not created equal and that is another aspect of what Shauna created with Daily Greens that provides added benefits to its users. They typical high-speed blender or any type of juicer that is similar creates heat and by doing this it breaks down the nutrients and you lose a lot of the value that you think you are getting from the ingredients that you are using. All of the Daily Greens juices are cold-pressed juices, providing you the most nutritional value possible.

“Cold-pressed juices contain up to five times more nutrients than standard juicing, for it presses the juice out of the fresh fruits and vegetables.  In addition cold-pressed juicers are more efficient, extracting more juice from the produce,” Shauna said.

In addition to Daily Greens, Shauna put together the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls which provides support and sisterhood to hundreds of young women who have battled breast cancer in Texas.

“Support systems are phenomenally powerful when battling adversities in life, especially breast cancer. However, resources for young women battling breast cancer are still surprisingly scarce, despite the increase of breast cancer in young women. In the future, I hope to see more programs and initiatives similar to the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls expanded across the nation. As a way to give back, Daily Greens donates a portion of our revenues to support these phenomenal organizations that provide services to young women, such as the Pink Ribbon Cowgirls and Young Survival Coalition,” Shauna said.

Shauna suggests that young and old should be aware of the potential signs of breast cancer and be aware of your body and if you notice anything unusual, get it checked out. A big issue is that many young women are not screened until the age of forty and as a result, breast cancer often goes undiagnosed for longer periods of time, and it tends to be more aggressive in younger women.

A great way to get your body in the right direction and get an almost fresh start is to try the Daily Greens 4-day cleanse. Daily Greens can provide you with two cases of tasty Daily Greens juices that allow you to consume three juices per day. Combine that with raw fruit throughout the day as a snack and then a raw vegetable dinner and you are on your way to feeling like a new person. Each bottle not only has six pounds of raw produce pressed into every bottle, but as was her goal, Shauna created a great tasting juice and they come in a wide assortment of flavors. Whether you do the 4-day cleanse or you just want to order enough to drink one bottle per day to get all of those fruits and vegetables that your diet is missing, Daily Greens is a great addition to any diet.

For more information visit: Daily Greens and 4-Day Cleanse and follow Daily Greens on Twitter.

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