Clean Eating Review: How to Become a Health Advocate



CLEAN EATING REVIEW: How to Become a Health Advocate


Are you concerned about the alarming rates of autism, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, fertility problems, cancer and so many other diseases that are affecting kids and adults today? The evidence is clear: 90% of these diseases can be avoided by eating clean, healthy foods.  In fact, many experts say that eating unhealthy foods is as dangerous to your body as smoking and can have the same harmful affects.


Remember the days where cancer warning signs were on cigarettes, and people still chose to smoke cigarettes? These signs are posted at every drive through window across the U.S., yet some people still choose to ignore the warning signs about eating unclean or genetically-modified (GMO) foods.


People are starting to become more aware of this issue and are searching out other options for clean, organic, and non-GMO foods. Even if you eat clean foods yourself, there are many other people who might think they are eating healthy, but are not aware of the hidden dangers in foods that are readily available today.


Green Polka Dot Box (GPDB) is the world’s largest online grocery store offering customers a choice of thousands of organic and non-GMO foods for 40-50% off retail prices. In fact, they guarantee it. If you find it cheaper, they will credit you the difference.


The fast-growing, publicly-traded company has already beaten Amazon in profitability its first three years (it took Amazon nine years to reach profitability).


Customers can order without a membership fee and a $10 flat free shipping fee is available with orders over $50.  Free shipping is available for orders over $150. To become a customer and start shopping today, click here


Are you passionate about eating healthy and educating others? Now you can partner with this proven company and help spread the word about organic and non-GMO foods.


GPDB is launching a new health merchant program that allows you a chance to become an online health merchant utilizing their main website. This is a great revenue stream for anyone. You can become part of this new revolution. Join doctors, health enthusiasts, personal trainers, nutritionists, concerned Moms, and many other people who simply want to promote clean eating – at an affordable price. GPDB covers all costs for ordering, shipping, and customer service. You get paid a residual commission for sending people to your link. This program is NOT an MLM. It simply rewards you for referring people to them and you get paid each time customers shop.


There is also a living produce section coming soon. This process will ship live produce with the roots intact, so they last longer at your home.


For more info on becoming a health merchant, check out this video:


Now you can get eat healthy, save money, and even get paid to help others do the same. That’s a win win for everyone.


Melanie Warner is a freelance journalist who reviews products and services related to health, lifestyle and travel. For more info about the health merchant program, reach her here:  


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