Celebrity Obsessed Millennials Fuel Massive Interest in the Cosmetic Industry

There has been a recent surge in the cosmetic industry, thanks to the millennials who are obsessed with every latest celebrity trend that they happen to stumble upon. According to experts, several young women in the US and the UK are looking out for lip plumping, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty surgeries. The numbers have increased more than ever, primarily because of the trends laid forward by stars like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner


According to Dr. Patel, the director of medical sciences and lead cosmetic surgeon from Perfect Skin Solution, Portsmouth, this sudden upsurge in women around 18-25 years of age looking for lip fillers have been faster than ever. This is mainly due to the celebrities like Kylie Jenner, who is often known as the poster girl for lip augmentation programs. 

Kim Kardashian

While there has indeed been a reduction in the number of women looking for plastic surgery in the UK, the curiosity about these programs is more than ever. The statistics from the websites that offer these services too, suggest the same. 


Women, around the age of 18 to 34 happen to more than half of the main traffic of this site. Around 53% of these women are not only considering their options for rhinoplasty and breast augmentation, but they are also seriously thinking about injectables and other similar stuff. The statistics revealed by the site is more than just alarming.


The research suggests that the non-surgical treatments like that of hyaluronic acid filling or cosmetic toxin including lip augmentation and Botox are topping the list of the treatments that are searched by most millennial women. Dr Patel has revealed another remarkable fact. According to him, the natural and inherent beauty of women is on the verge of decline because artificial and cosmetic treatments like plumped lips are becoming extremely sought for with each passing day. 


He suggests that younger girls are always on the lookout of being noticed, recognized and admired. They want to feel like their lips have been done such that they get an exaggerated pout. This number has been alarming despite experts like doctor Patel explaining how these treatments will only affect their natural beauty instead of enhancing it. He further added that the same applies for Botox.


When we see people like Kim Kardashian, who show absolutely no facial expression even while crying, the entire sight becomes utterly disgusting and it also implies the use of excessive Botox. However, despite these facts still many women look up to her as one of the biggest style icons because of her massive social media presence. They are driven by the idea that too much like that of Kim will take them to a similar level of popularity. But this is completely inane as neither life nor beauty works this way. 


Instead of turning to cosmetic surgeries, you can always opt for Vaser treatments. Reviews like the one of Cosmos Clinic show that you can achieve great results using a natural and safe way to enhance your beauty and get rid of extra fat.

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