Can DNA Tests Help You Change Your Life?

If you have a DNA test that reveals your predisposition to lung cancer; would it encourage you to quit smoking?

DNA test are expensive, and that’s why their full potential for testing genetic risks haven’t been harvested completely. The Standard DNA test that costs around $3000 is a lot and if people aren’t even aware of how it could help them, there is no reason why someone would be willing to spend such a hefty amount on a test.

However, DNA tests have a lot of potential to identify if your body is prone to some kind of disease, including type 2 diabetes, obesity and lung cancer. 

What else genetics really tell you?

There is very little evidence suggesting if a person who is found susceptible to a disease would benefit from changing his lifestyle, but there isn’t any doubt with the results that these tests reveal. You can actually learn how your DNA will be affecting your life in different ways. 

The protagonists of DNA testing would tell you that you can reduce the risk factors and enhance your genes by making changes in your diet and lifestyle changes. 

Genetic testing, apparently, provides a lot of benefits like: 

  • You are able to get a clear insight about your general health.
  • Gives you opportunity to improve your health through lifestyle changes.
  • Information about your predisposition to aging and antiaging.
  • How you could achieve better wellbeing and overall health.
  • You can also discover your “hidden” talents.
  • You can also find ways to manage stress and whether you have been more prone to stress or depression.
  • Learn whether your sporting activities have been complimenting your genotype or not, and what is the room for improving performance. 

The health or nutrition advice that we seek from health specialists is based on a homogenous knowledge, assuming to be working equally for all. But with understanding of how each person’s underlying processes are different from the rest, there are much better treatment chances. 

Each person’s body is unique and with that knowledge, we all can improve the potential to reduce the risks of diseases that we are predisposed to. These “general beliefs” that health practitioners have been using for everyone could be translated into facts for individuals, giving them a much better understanding of each person’s body.

According to, DNA testing can even predict human intelligence. This would mean, you will be to anticipate how well your child will be doing in their exams, or if they will achieve educational success.

Scientists have even found out 74 genes that play a vital role in the educational success. This could mean an entirely changed outlook of our educational system where kids who are likely going to face difficulties at school could be identified and provided some extra help (this is how DNA testing could help us by making changes in our lifestyles).

Different types of genetic tests

  1. DNA Ancestry test: This test is getting a lot of attention because more people want to know about their family history. If you are having a DNA ethnicity test, you can also learn about your ethnic origins. If you are getting a DNA test for genealogy, you can identify your ancestors and other living cousins that you may have.
  2. DNA paternity test: This test is conducted to determine the biological link between a father and child.
  3. DNA Carrier testing: With this test, you can find out about your predisposition to some inherited diseases like sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, hereditary hearing loss, etc.
  4. DNA genetic cancer testing: Not everyone needs to run this test except for those who have a family history of cancer-stricken individuals. In this test, a physician would look into your DNA to see if it’s prone to any kind of genetic mutation. One of the more common examples of genetic mutation testing includes BRCA1 and BRCA2.

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