Zuvo Water Filtration System - Purifying Your Water and Body

Water purity has become one of the major concerns in the world when it comes to health issues. The concern over what is in the water has made bottled water become one of the staples of our everyday life. We used to think of water as free; you would drink it from your faucet, a drinking fountain and even the hose in your yard. The concern over what is in our water is a valid concern, but instead of turning to cases of bottled water you can purchase the Zuvo Water Filtration System. This will let you have that security of knowing how pure the water is every time you pour a glass of water from your kitchen sink.

One Zuvo over many, many water bottles

Zuvo has a patented technology that reproduces the photo-oxidation process naturally occurring in the environment. The value once you purchase the Zuvo is amazing. You are only going to be paying six cents per gallon compared to over one dollar per gallon for bottled water. Just think about how much water you drink in a year or how many cases of water you buy and just put that money right back into your bank account. Money is one thing, but what about the taste. Well I will tell you it tastes as good as any bottled water I’ve tried and in many cases it is better than a number of bottled waters that are on the market. Don’t take my word for it, Zuvo was ranked number one over Fiji, Aquafina, Brita, Pur, Aquapanna, Evian and Smart Water by the San Francisco Chronicle and Wine & Spirits Magazine. Zuvo was also awarded the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award for best new green product. When it comes to taste and value, Zuvo is the only way to go.

Zuvo saves on filters

The other great thing about Zuvo is the impact it has on the environment or should I say the lack of impact. In the past few years you might have been hearing news of how all these bottles of water that people are using are winding up in landfills. The number is in the millions and the number is only growing, if we can do something to help avoid needless trash we certainly should do it. If you go out and buy yourself a reusable water bottle and fill it with water from your Zuvo system you will be making a huge impact on the environment and helping keep all of those plastic bottles out of landfills.

If you currently don't have any type of water purification system it really is a must-have in your home. It makes life easier and you don't have to worry about running out of bottles of water when you want a drink, you just go to your Zuvo and get some great tasting water. I had a water purification system in my home and the cost was in the thousands and the problem was not only was this bulky, it had to be installed, but also when it came time to replace the filters it was a major hassle. Zuvo is not only easy to install but they make it so easy to replace the filters you can do it yourself in minutes. Zuvo is also a great company to deal with if you have any questions and they are great for sending out replacement filters. The other product that is popular is the pitchers or similar products that filter the water as your pour the water into the product. Comparing Zuvo with filtered pitchers, there is really no comparison. Filtering does a decent job in most of these products, but they can't compare to Zuvo when it comes to taste. The taste of water usually comes down to little differences, but I will say with Zuvo you really just taste the water, you don't get the hint of anything else.

The most popular product on the market is probably Brita. I have found Brita tends to have a little bit of taste that comes through from the filter. The other issue with Brita is how often you have to replace the filter. I found with the pitchers you are constantly having to replace the filters, which is not only costly, but it gets annoying always having to run out to the store to get a filter. Zuvo filters should be replaced about every six months or 500 gallons of water and the filters provide far superior taste quality. Brita might be more well known but Zuvo beats it in every category.

I have seen several different water purification systems and Zuvo is really the best one I have come across in every aspect. First off it is easy to install, most other water systems are big and bulky and actually usually need to be installed by someone else. This is not the case with Zuvo, you can install by yourself fairly easily. I touched on the price you will pay for the water, but for an entire system and filter replacements you are not going to find anything that does what Zuvo does that will be even close in terms of price.

The Zuvo system under your sink

Zuvo has combined with Costco to give you a great deal on the purchase of the Zuvo Water Filteration System. This system comes with a complimentary bar faucet and you are not going to find a better time to pick up the system as Costco is selling this for $169.99 until December 19th. This package normally sells for $449.00. This is an amazing deal and it makes for a great way to start your New Year.

For more information on Zuvo Water Purator, visit: www.zuvowater.com

For Costco locations, visit: www.costco.com



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