Winter Fitness - Don't Let the Cold Keep You From Your Workout

The cold air, snow, rain, the reasons can pile up for you to avoid getting in your workout. You don't need to look for an excuse, there are so many great options to help you get in your workout that when spring hits you will already be prepared to hit the beach.

The track, trails and the road are always great places to get a run in and you can always find them as close as right out your front door. When the temperature drops and inclement weather presents itself the first place to start is with your apparel.

Women's Kensington Hooded Jacket from Avalanche

A great line to help you fight the elements while getting in your workout is Avalanche. The Avalanche clothing line has something for everyone, regardless of what activity you are planning on participating in. They have developed a near perfect jacket for your workout in the men's mogul stretch zip neck. This jacket has Zerorestrict fabric to help keep you warm and it is also created to wick any moisture that comes your way. The best part is that even though it is going to protect you, it also lets you move freely, you are not going to feel restricted in any activity that you do.

Avalanche goes beyond giving you something to wear during your workout, they have put together a great line of jackets for the ladies. The Boston Pea Coat has the classic look to it, double breasted with 12 button closure and while it is stylish it also has the Avalanche build. It has moisture wicking fabric to help keep you dry and comfortable and it is also breathable so why you will look stylish, you will also feel great. If you are looking for something a little lighter but will protect you in the rain the Vigor Jacket has a great look and it is made with a three layer bonded fabric to keep you dry and the material is also wind and water repellent.

Avalanche Jacket

Avalanche is great if you want to keep the weather from getting to you while allowing you to stay comfortable and at the same time giving you a stylish look.

ALO yoga wear

The other workout clothing line that you must give a try is ALO, which fittingly stands for all of the elements that we live and workout in, Air, Land and Ocean.

ALO has created an entire line of apparel and accessories that will take care of you for anytime of the year and for any activity you are looking to participate in. If you are looking for clothing that has a great feel and will make you feel great, ALO has put to use bamboo fabric that is superior to anything I could compare it to when it comes to what you would want to work out in. The bamboo has natural inherent properties that wick moisture and is naturally antibacterial, hypallergenic and breathable with no added chemicals and it is an extremely comfortable material.

In addition to the great material, ALO has come up with a number of great ideas that they put into their apparel go provide you with a great workout. Coolfit™ has dry wicking capability which draws moisture away from you and the antimicrobial treatment prevents the increase of bactaria while also keeping your clothes odor free. For those of you who sweat a lot you are really going to appreciate those attributes. When it comes to taking your workout outdoors, ALO has windproof items that keep you warm by preventing wind from penetrating your clothing and they also have water resistant material that helps your apparel shed water on the outer surface. Finally a nice bonus ALO has come up with is their anti-piling treatment which is applied to the surface of the clothing to help it last longer.

ALO has grown every year, giving you more choices from indoor to outdoor and the best line of yoga wear that any company has produced in recent memory. The fall line will strike you with some great colors and apparel that will make you fashionable while also enjoying a comfortable workout.

You can find ALO products on their website , but they have also moved into several stores recently, including Bloomingdales and Dick's Sporting Goods.


If you are looking to lose a few pounds and need a little kick start Sprunk-Jansen has a great supplement called Weighlevel™. A number of so called fat burners or weight loss pills can leave you jittery and can make you feel uncomfortable, this is not the case with Weighlevel™. You take one tablet three times a day, half an hour before each meal and this will help reduce your appetite with lady's mantle, it will also stimulate metabolism with wild mint and finally it will ease digestion. When it comes to a safe way to help reduce calories and lower your weight you are not going to find a better product out there.

Weighlevel from Sprunk-Jansen

Not only does Sprunk-Jansen provide a great product line, but recently they were named " Ashley Koff Approved." The official AKA stamp represents products that reflect quality nutrition for optimum health. Ashley Koff is a registered dietitian (R.D.) who hopes to achieve better nutrition as a way of life for everyone. Koff has approved seven Sprunk-Jansen products, including SPOTLESS, RED DRY SKIN, ANUSALVE, CHOLESTEROL LEVEL, GLUCOSE LEVEL, MASCULINE and FEMININE.

If you are a serious athlete and want to take your training and performance to the next level,  the sports nutrition experts at PowerBar® have developed Ironman® PERFORM™ sports drink. This drink has PowerBar's state-of-the-art C2MAX carbohydrate blend, found to deliver 20 to 50 percent more energy to muscles and improve endurance performance by eight percent.

IRONMAN Perform Drinks

Now the final step, getting your workout in. There is nothing that will prevent you from getting a run in outside, under most conditions, but you have plenty of alternatives if you don't want to venture outdoors. The gym is always a great place to get a workout in, but if you don't want to deal with people, a monthly fee and a getting to the gym we have some nice options for you. The internet and cable television are great places to find some free workouts. You can usually find a fitness program on, you can check out or any number of fitness websites.

The best workout to get in your own home that I have found is the P90X program that is seemingly everywhere these days. This is a great DVD set that will give you a different workout each day of the week and they really know how to pack a punch with each DVD. If you stick to this program you will certainly see your fitness level improve, but don't think it is going to magically transform your body. If you listen to the many pitchmen from ESPN, keep in mind they are getting paid to sell this, you will think it is the fountain of youth. It is a great workout, but you also have to focus on your diet and make smart choices in the rest of your life. Remember exercise is only one aspect of a health body, but hard work and a sound diet will get your through the winter and prepare you for the beaches next summer.

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