's Wellness Week - Give Your Body a Treat

Finding a great business that is just hidden away from you like a buried treasure just waiting for you to find.’s Wellness Week let’s you find just that type of business at a bargain rate allowing you to find treasures such as CloudMover Day Spa in Huntington Beach.

If you are looking to treat yourself to a massage or any other number of treatments or try out a new workout program’s Wellness Week which will run from March 21-27 is the perfect answer for you. The value you will find this week is unparalleled, as all participating spas will either cut their prices in half or they will offer services at a flat-rate of $50.

Complete relaxation

To get started you just enter your email and zip code at and the site will take care of the rest. They will provide you with an assortment and spa and fitness facilities for you to choose from and the specials that they have for Wellness Week.

This is how I came upon CloudMover, which also gives you the chance to take in the ocean breeze off of Huntington Beach, what a wonderful combination. The first thing you are going to notice from the menu is the prices are a bargain; you can get a 90 minute treatment for what you would pay for a 60 minute treatment at most other spas. During Wellness Week you can get a 60 minute Swedish massage for only $50, that really is almost too good to be true and you will leave CloudMover feeling guilty for what little you paid.

A peaceful setting

I actually went with the 90 minute massage and having never had a massage longer than 60 minutes I was kind of expecting the massage to start tailing off at the end. Nothing could be further from the truth, as my licensed massage therapist Niki Ramirez at CloudMover had the same fervor and intensity at the end of the massage and she did at the beginning.

Working every part of your body

The most important part to a great massage is getting someone who is knowledgable and knows how to put that knowledge to use and that was exactly who Niki was. There are a number of different massages that you can get and Niki makes sure before she begins that she finds out what problems you would like to work on and what your preferences are when it comes to treatments. Once we get all that out of the way, Niki began on my sports massage. Don't think of a sports massage as something limited to a full-time athlete, it really provides you the best of all massages and allows you to stretch into the massage as part of the treatment, which I felt enhanced the entire experience. For you weekend athletes out there, this is a great way to preserve your body. I'll add that Niki had an answer for every question that I had when it came massage treatments and she was able to treat trigger points on my body that I did not even know existed.

The entire staff at CloudMover will make you feel at home and make sure that you leave feeling completely satisfied. In addition to unbeatable rates on massage treatments, CloudMover also offers skin care, facials, body treatments and waxing. The other great thing about CloudMover is that you can have group parties for any occasion at their spa. Next time you are looking for something different to do as a group, give CloudMover a call and they will work with you to make sure you have a fabulous event.

Driving away from CloudMover after the best massage of my life, a billboard that I drove by struck me like a lightning bolt. There was a picture of someone getting a massage at a Las Vegas hotel and it left me wondering why do most of us wait until we go on vacation to get a massage or other treatment? The massage is actually your own mini one hour vacation and it is a great way to take care of your body. So take this week and realize that your body is truly a temple and you only have one, so treat yourself to some type of treatment and then make it a routine occurence as you and your body deserve it. is a great tool to find a deal during Wellness Week, but make sure to bookmark this site as it has great information and will make setting up a treatment as pleasurable as the treatment itself.

To obtain more details on’s Wellness Week, visit:

For more information on CloudMover day spa, visit: or call (714) 890-0900 to make an appointment.

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