Ice Qube - Joins Forces with U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security as a Coalition Member

Ice-Qube Preparedness Kits

Are you ready for an emergency? Ice-Qube held a “Prep Party” at Zero Minus Plus at Fred Segal designed to increase awareness, as well as encourage all Californians, individuals, families and businesses to take action and prepare for emergencies.

Karl Champley,  Australian master builder and TV personality was at the event to give tips on how to prepare for an emergency. Champley was given an award by Fire chief Carl Bjerke of Santa Monica for his efforts in joining forces with Dr Phil to help out victims of Hurricane Katrina.  He has also hosted many Habitat for Humanity and Jimmy Carter workshop events around the country. Champley is a busy man and also host a show on the DIY Network and HGTV.

The owner of Zero Minus Plus, Darrylynn Kaun was also given an award for her support in September 2009 as National Preparedness Month.

On September 4, the White House issued a press release stating that President Obama declared September at National Prepardness Month.

“My Administration has made preparedness a top priority, and we are working every day to ensure our country stands ready to respond to any disaster or emergency -- from wildfires and hurricanes, to terrorist attacks and pandemic disease. Our goal is to ensure a more resilient Nation,” said the president.

About Ice-Qube

Ice-Qube Emergency Preparedness Solutions is a Long Island, New York company that offers a line of premium preparedness gift kits for in case of emergency or just in case for home and office, baby and pet.

The Ice-Qube product line was developed by Leslie Fastenberg, a suburban hockey mom, who several years ago, in a post 9/11 and post katrina world, got serious about getting her own family ready for an emergency and found, after buying many emergency kits and researching others, that she had a better idea. "I created Ice-Qubes, inspired by the ICE (In Case of Emergency) groundswell movement for everyone to add an ICE contact in your phone.

Ice-Qube Preparedness Kits

Click on any link below for more information on how to prepare for an emergency. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

President Obama declared September as National Preparedness Month
National Preparedness Month
emergency supply kit

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