FRS (Free Radical Scavenger) - A Radical New Drink

If you are looking for an energy drink, the shelves are lined with them. If you are looking for an energy drink that will not only lift you up but will also provide you with vitamins, antioxidant protection there is only one product on the market that fits that bill and that is FRS Antioxidant Health Drink.

FRS Ready-to-Drink Cans

To let you know how amazing this drink is, it won the “Best New Health Initiative” award at the 2007 Beverage Innovations Awards and they also recently added Lance Armstrong to the board of directors of The FRS Company, the developer and distributor of FRS.

“FRS is different. It’s a healthy choice for energy that lasts hours, not minutes,” Armstrong said. “It fits in line with me wanting to live to be 90; it fits in line with me wanting to keep running marathons, riding my bike, being fit and having fun.”

FRS Board Member Lance Armstrong

To classify FRS, also known as Free Radical Scavenger, as an energy drink, really does not do this product justice, it is so much more. Yes FRS does give you an energy boost and unlike other drinks, the energy is for a sustained period of time and it is on a more natural level. But what really sets FRS apart from other drinks is the high level of antioxidant strength per serving compared to other so-called health beverages. FRS has the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) level of any beverage, which is key to protecting cells from oxidative damage. FRS can also can help you with weight loss as well as act as a supplement to your daily intake of nutrients.


ORAC Per Serving of Various Health Beverages

In terms of weight loss and exercise, FRS will give you the energy needed to stay focused and complete your workouts and the ingredients will help speed recovery by helping to neutralize free radicals that can cause muscle fatigue and soreness. FRS contains two of natures most powerful ingredients, quercetin and catechins. Quercetin is an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine, while the catechins is derived from green tea that also provides anti-oxidant protection and helps the body sustain energy as well as mental focus. FRS also contains B complex vitamins and vitamins C and E.

FRS Concentrate

FRS comes in several great forms for use including; concentrate, which allows you to mix with water and it is ready to go. Powders, great easy to carry packets that are very convenient and are also mixed with water. The chews are great tasting, almost like a starburst and are small and easy to take with on trips or workouts. Finally the ready-to-drink, which is all set for your to just drink down and it comes in four great flavors, my personal favorite is the low-calorie wild berry, great taste and you will really feel it after you drink it.

FRS Chews

If you are going to be waking up before the crack of dawn this Friday for the big day after Thanksgiving shopping and you want a little extra hop in your step, stop by the Circuit City in Hawthorne, CA at 14600 Ocean Gate Drive as the FRS Black Friday lounge will be set up handing out breakfast treats and cans of FRS for people to try from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m.

To purchase FRS online or to find locations of stores where you can purchase FRS as well as more information on FRS, please visit:


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