Dental Implants: Does it Really Have to Take Almost a Year Before Getting a Tooth?

Believe it or not, the idea of having to wait close to a year before getting a tooth placed on your dental implant is quite frankly a thing of the past. Those of us who have been through the experience of receiving dental implants to replace missing teeth- lost from decay, gum disease, sports injuries, bar fights, or simply because you never had the tooth in the first place- know the agony of having to be toothless for at the very least 6 months while the implant heals and integrates with the underlying bone before the dentist will even consider placing a temporary tooth in its place.

Implants before and after

Having been through it myself as a young adult about ten years ago, before the advancement of dental implants and the new techniques we're lucky enough to have today, I know firsthand how embarrassing walking around in a superficial world without a tooth can be! My dentist even tried to make me a temporary "flipper," which is basically a partial denture without all the metal framework and clasps; but since he had to relieve it so much as to not put any bit of pressure on the implant or gums, the darn thing would keep flying out of my mouth! Many might say that's even more embarrassing than a missing tooth. I'd have to agreed.

Implants before and after

But don't fret. If you're one of us unlucky ones who for one reason or another is missing a tooth or even all your teeth, I'm here to offer you a simple solution. There's a remarkable advancement in implant dentistry called the Sargon Immediate Load Dental Implant. This implant is shaped much like an anchor screw that expands at its apex when placed into a wall, except better. This innovative implant has a quadrapodal design, which expands in the bone to create an anchoring effect, keeping the implant so stable within the bone that a tooth can actually be immediately placed onto the implant and the patient can even bite into an apple right after surgery. The expanding nature of the implant also makes it so that dental implants can immediately be placed directly into the socket of a tooth that has just been pulled. As a dentist, I know that this is an incredible feat since a patient would normally have to wait 4-6 months before the typical screw-type implants could even be placed into the socket, then another 4-6 months before a tooth could actually be placed on top of that!

Implants before and after

Implants before and after

So if you're in need of a dental implant or two, do yourself a favor and get the Sargon Immediate Load Dental Implant. It'll save you a lot of time, pain, and embarrassment. Trust me, I'm a dentist!

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