Blueprint Cleanse Review – Nutritional Juice Cleansing That Taste So Good!

Blueprint Cleanse Juices - You drink 6 delicious juices a day at your pace

Lawrence and I wanted to juice cleanse because we were gaining extra unwanted pounds and also were feeling lethargic with digestive problems. We just wanted to feel better. We tried to juice ourselves, but there’s just too much work involved and it physically is too hard on my body. So we gave Blueprint Cleanse a try and are very glad we did.

Every now and again we think it’s a good idea to stay away from solid food and just fill ourselves with raw foods that will promote healing to our bodies while supplying blood with vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are easily absorbed.

We decided on Blueprint Cleansing for 5 days (you could choose a 3-day, 10-day or more) and were very pleased at how delicious each juice was. When we drank the first green drink, we were prepared to taste something unpleasantly green, but we were wrong. We were even more surprised to find that all the drinks are delicious!

Blueprint Cleanse brought our freshly pressed juice straight to our door twice a week at no additional cost. But they can also send it to your office, corner deli or wherever else you're going to beL just let them know how to find you and you'll get your juice.

Their juice is 100% fresh and unpasteurized. This means that refrigeration is necessary. The juice arrives in an insulated cooler bag with ice packs, so they're ok for a couple of hours, but the faster into the fridge the better (hint: when putting juices into the fridge open up the bag tops---more fresh cool air swirling around the bottles). Freeze the ice packs should you need to Cleanse on the go, but don't freeze the juice. Frozen juice equals a near-death experience for the fabulous enzymes that are trying to nourish your system!

Some celebrity's are using Blueprint Cleanse

All of the juices are put through a hydraulic press so that when you drink the  Blueprint Cleanse juices, the nutrients go directly into your blood stream, feeding your cells within ten to fifteen minutes. All this with no effort on the part of your body for digestion and assimilation.  Blueprint Cleanse juice maintains 3-5 times the vitamins and minerals than juices from other machines.

There is no food that delivers the same amount of basic nutrition at such a low cost. There is no vitamin or mineral supplement available that has such a balance of the essential nutritional components needed to maintain health.

If you live in NYC than you also have the option to pick up your juice, if delivery doesn't suit your schedule.

There are three cleanses to choose from: The Renovation Cleanse; The Foundation Cleanse; and The Excavation Cleanse. We chose The Excavation Cleanse which consisted of six drinks every day for five days:

Take Blueprint Cleanse on the go

We began our day with warm lemon water which serves as the perfect good morning drink as it aids the digestive system.

Four of the six drinks have the following ingredients: romaine, celery, cucumber, kale, parsley, green apple, spinach and lemon. This is the green drink, but it’s surprisingly good.

The number 4 drink for the day has the following ingredients: water; lemon, cayenne, agave. This was light juice sweetened with agave.

The number 6 (dinner drink)  has the following ingredients: water, raw cashews, agave nectar, vanilla Bean and cinnamon: We could not wait for our dinner drink—it taste like apple pie and It’s delicious.

Day 1: Lawrence’s weighed in at 229.6 and I weighed in at 122.2. We were fine.
Day 2: Lawrence was fine, but I was weak with a headache
Day 3: Lawrence was fine, but I was weak with a headache
Day 4: Lawrence was fine, we both were getting hungry at times throughout the day, but not starving. I was a little weak and my headache was much less.
Day 5: We were a little hungrier, but we were fine. I had no headache.

Blueprint Cleanse allows you to cheat on celery, cucumber or vegetable broth and I did. This helped my bland taste buds and filled up my tummy a bit.

At the end of the Blueprint Cleanse, Lawrence weighed in at 218.6 and I weighed in at 118.6.

Our favorite drink: water, raw cashews, agave nectar, vanilla Bean and cinnamon - delicious!

Post Cleanse

After the cleanse, we were advised not to eat solid foods right away and to introduce foods back into our bodies. If you don’t do this, you’ll be sorry. In my last cleanse, I ate solid foods right away and had a stomach ache for a week. You don't want to shock your system back into reality.

Blueprint Cleanse also advises to do a colon hydrotheraphy (colonic) before, during and after the juice cleanse for a thorough cleansing. We did just one right after our cleanse ( click here to read about my colonic at Pure Center).

Our first day diet was just fruit. Second day we added veggies. Third day we added brown rice. Fourth day we added salmon. We haven't had any meat, but we don't really crave it.

It's unfortunate that our diets are full of processed, refined foods, tainted with pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and other toxins which can collect in the bloodstream, causing us to feel tired or become overweight. Raw foods contain live enzymes that assist with the task of digestion. Proponents of the raw-food diet argue that heating food above 118 degrees F destroys the enzymes in food, thus destroying the vitality of food and lessening its nutritional value. In reality, enzymes are inactivated by the very acidic environment of the stomach, so the enzymes in raw food never really make it past the stomach. Blueprint Cleanse is a great way to restore your system to health and to lose weight at the same time.

Two weeks after the cleanse, we experience increased energy, clearer skin and better digestion. As a result of better health, we began a regimen in Spinning and Yoga for Athletes with YAS and now we feel more healthy and have less cravings for junk food. The only thing we craved were the juices because they were so good. 

We're not going to become vegans or even vegetarians, we are however, exercising, eating more fruits and veggies and cutting on fat to feel better and that was our goal.

Blueprint Cleanse

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