5 Dental and Oral Health Symptoms You Must Not Ignore

The state of your gums, teeth, breath and tongue can provide vital insight into your oral and dental health according to members of the Canadian Dental Association. Here are some symptoms in your mouth and teeth that you should never ignore.

Loose Teeth

Loose teeth should only be tolerated in kids who are shedding their milk teeth. When your tooth becomes loose as an adult, it indicates that you have gum disease. Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss among adults. Periodontitis, another name for gum disease, occurs when the inner gum layers pull away from the tooth and create pockets where food particles can gather. Bacteria that feeds on these food particles may cause the gum to get infected. The bone and gums which keep the tooth in place may break down and the tooth will get loose.

Pain in the Mouth or Jaw

If you are experiencing pain in the jaw or mouth, you should endeavor to see your dentist immediately. This pain may be a sign of gingivitis, cavities, clenched teeth or toothache. Although all these conditions can be treated, you need to see your dentist to get a correct diagnosis. Sometimes, people decide to live with their jaw pain thinking that it is simply a sign of stress. But jaw pain should be treated promptly, whether it is done by dentists who offer dental implants services as it is done at Mapleridgedentistry.ca or via thorough cleaning, Invisalign, and composite filling.

Bad Breath

Occasional bad breath may occur after eating spicy food that contains foods like garlic but if your breath remains toxic all day, you should not ignore it. Persistent bad breath or an unpleasant taste in the mouth is a sign that a huge population of bacteria has invaded your mouth. Bad breath could also be a symptom of gum disease.

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold Food and Drinks

If your teeth develop sensitivity to either heat or cold, you may have a fracture, cavity, infection, exposed root or worn out enamel. Sensitivity to heat is a sign that the pulp has been infected by bacteria. Cold sensitivity, on the other hand, indicates that the pulp is inflamed. It may also be due to a failure of a previous restoration which is close to the pulp. Sensitivity to sugar is caused by an exposed dentin that is caused by tooth decay, exposed roots or worn out tooth enamel. These conditions may be treated by specialists at Maple Ridge Dentistry, a clinic offering cosmetic family dentistry services in Vaughan.

Sore or Bleeding Gums

If you notice that your gums bleed frequently, it is a common sign of gingivitis. Other signs of this disease include swollen gums as a result of an increase in oral bacteria. But this initial sign of serious periodontal disease can be treated. When the gums are swollen but the teeth are firmly rooted in their sockets, the gingivitis may be treated by root planing or scaling to remove tartar and bacteria.

If you experience any of these oral or dental symptoms, see a qualified dentist promptly. For good oral health and preservation of your teeth, should also make it a habit to see your dentist for regular cleaning of tartar at least twice in a year.

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