4 Reasons to Choose a Non 12 Step Rehabilitation Program

If you've used substances like alcohol and drugs and you want to break out of your old habits, you may have heard about well established programs like AA's 12 step rehab program. If you've already used it without lasting success, you need to know that there are alternative programs that equally work well. Here are some of the reaons why others have used these alternatives with significant success.

A Positive Approach

Non-12 step methods don't accept the negative terms and the all-or-nothing approach used in AA's programs. Rather than refer to guests as "addicted" or "addicts" , these alternative addiction treatment systems adopt a more positive approach. Instead of focusing on the substances that guests cannot have, they address you as an individual and place emphasis on your future goals and dreams. The program administrators believe that you don't have to be defined by your past. Also, all improvements are viewed as positive so terms like "relapse" and "setback" are not used.

Absence of Religious Pressure

12-step programs are based on Judeo-Christian beliefs and they require you to submit to a higher power. So you will be compelled to believe in an external force or idea. If you are not religious, and you don't believe in a monotheistic approach, you may not find this program very effective. Alternative approaches, on the other hand, allow you to incorporate your personal belief system as you take personal responsibility for your decisions.

Doing Things With Moderation Comes First

At most alternative rehabilitation programs, the goal is not absolute sobriety. In fact, most of them allow you to set your personal goals by yourself. You can decide to moderate the use of alcohol rather than eliminate it completely. So you will be allowed to learn how to control the use of a drug or alcohol first if that is the goal that suits you. Then you can decide to do away with it later as you develop greater self control.

Ability to Develop Independence and Self-control

Studies have shown that people actually stop using drugs and alcohol when they feel that something that is very precious to them is at risk. But some other substance users need a well structured program which allows them to get away from their normal environment and develop a plan for behavioral change. Unfortunately, 12-step programs do not permit independence or self control. Instead, they make you feel that taking a few drops of alcohol is a serious drawback to your progress and that no change is permanent or complete. That can be very limiting. It is more effective to focus on progressive change and your individual needs.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should choose a non 12 step program for rehabilitation and recovery. You can set your own goals and watch yourself improve gradually and gain more self confidence and independence.

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