Great Celebrity Lips Angelina To Scarlett: Insight By "Top Doc" Dr. Julius Few

Lip Service

When it comes to creating a perfect pout, what do your lips say?



Angelina Jolie still tops the most beautiful people list each year. What makes her attractive? Evolution says it’s (at least partly) in her lips. Full lips signal female fertility and youthfulness. But as women age, certain things are on the decline—skin elasticity, hair, full lips... the bartender’s attention! Of course, older women have earned their laugh lines and forehead creases and—thanks to the feminist movement—the paycheck that can restore that youthful mouth.


While Jolie likes her lips least, plastic surgeons say hers have been the most requested for years. But, says Julius Few, MD, plastic surgeon and founder of The Few Institute For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Chicago, while you may pine for her look, like everything else in plastic surgery, lips aren’t one-size-fits-all.

 “It’s about enhancing your natural lip contours,” says Dr. Few. “If you try to change the shape, you could have a very unnatural-looking result.” 

Take heed, my fellow beauty seekers... Unnatural may have been the trend during the last decade, but today there’s definitely a backlash against the so-called “done” look perpetuated by Hollywood faces including A-hem, Nicole Kidman, Pricilla Presley,  and Lindsay Lohan!


While Dr. Few has worked on high-profile celebrities, he doesn’t kiss and tell. But he does admit that celebrity look-alike features are a don’t in his practice. Sorry, Ladies! No Angelina or Scarlett lips here! But it is for the greater good. Just think—your face, your ethnicity, your own individual brand of beauty.


So let’s talk about how to get those lips that say “I’m young, I’m fertile,” not quack quack, I just got my lips done. Truth be told, according to Dr. Few, until recently that natural fullness was hard to achieve with existing FDA-approved products for the lips, leaving many women—literally—with a permanent pout. But, this past April, an FDA panel formally recommended Restylane for use in lip injections. And who was there to advise said panel on this lip indication? Dr. Few, naturally.


He says that Restylane works with his less-is-more approach because this kiss amplifier creates natural-looking lips and it’s safe in all skin types—perfect for his practice, which emphasizes a balanced approach to cosmetic surgery. (No sausage lips here.)


And as much as none of us want to look like we’re getting older, we’re definitely not fooling anyone by wiping all signs of it away. Dr. Few says getting older is a good thing (on many levels), and it can be even better with natural, less invasive enhancements, such as Restylane for the lips.


Dr. Few is one of those seemingly rare cosmetic surgeon who asks women to be happy with themselves before he performs any kind of procedure. What’s more, he doesn’t just prescribe balance; he lives balance. He meditates daily and drinks red wine in moderation. He also paints and draws, though he considers the human body the greatest canvas.


Want more? Follow Dr. Few on his blog at


A ‘Few’ Lip Tips


1. The upper lip shouldn’t be larger than the lower lip.

2.“Although Julia Roberts has a larger upper lip [and pulls it off!], it’s generally an unnatural proportion and will result in an unnatural looking lip,” says Dr. Few.

     Enhance your natural lip definition.

3.“Don’t just make your lips bigger. This is a common mistake that creates those unnaturally protruding ‘duck lips’.”

    Don’t expect to erase all your lip and mouth ridges and folds.

4.“If you inject too much filler, the skin will stretch and create what we call ‘sausage lips’.”

     Maintain your filler. (Restylane lasts approximately 6 months.)

5.“Regular maintenance of your lips will create a more natural look, so don’t wait until it disappears to get a refill.”

       Avoid permanent fillers in the lips.

6.“While the idea of a permanent filler is appealing, if you don’t like your result, you’ll have to have it surgically removed. As we like to say in the industry, permanent fillers, permanent problems.”

Dr. Few looks at celebrity pouts:

 Angelina Jolie

“Angelina’s lips are a perfect balance for her face. They radiate sensuality, and whether she’s moving her lips or they’re in a restful position, they’re equally inviting.”


Scarlett Johansson

“Scarlett’s lips are exotic, almost ethnic in appearance, but still balanced on her face, and create a very sensual appearance.”



Kim Kardashian

“Kim has a well-defined upper lip and very full lower lip, which matches her voluptuous appearance, but still looks very natural.


Mary J. Blige

“Mary J. Blige is the epitome of graceful beauty-balance. Her upper and lower lip have approximately the same volume but with distinct definition. Notably, in African American women, it’s very common to have equal sized upper and lowers lips, unlike their Caucasian counterparts.”


Kelly Le Brock

I just saw Kelly at a charitable event for "Voices Against Brain Cancer" in NYC- her lips are TIMELESS! She is the example of what I call truly beautiful!


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