Wellness Wand

Wellness Wand

Wellness Wand

Description: Great-tasting, contaminant-free water is like magic with the Wellness Wand – a unique, portable filtration and enhancement wand that purifies tap water anywhere – from the office to a restaurant. Using Wellness Enterprises’ one-of-a-kind filtration and enhancement process, the Wellness Wand has a built in micro-screen allowing water to pass through its signature media while eliminating chlorine and free radicals. Just pop off the cap and stir the wand in any glass of water for 15 seconds. It makes the water purer and more refreshing, plus it eliminates the high cost and harm of plastic bottles. Wellness Wand is shaped and sized like a ball-point pen, so anyone – from downtown fashionistas to granola crunchers - can throw it discreetly in their purse or pocket (just pat it dry with a napkin and pop the cap back on).

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Price: $30.00

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