Wellness Bottle H2.0

Wellness Bottle H2.0

Wellness H2.0

Description: The Wellness H2.O water bottle delivers Wellness Enterprises’ patented purification and enhancement technology and provides portable access from any tap to water that is purified, more hydrating and packed with antioxidants and minerals for optimal health, keeping you hydrated longer, increasing nutrient absorption and reducing free radical damage. The signature technology, includes organic coconut, activated carbon, magnetite, quartz, and Japanese volcanic minerals Tenko-Seki, Bakuhan and Taicho, to provide better-than-bottled quality water without the waste or cost. Tenko-Seki, a ceramic layer that generates reduced ions, adds an antioxidant effect to the water to help fight free radical damage. Magnetite and magnets increase water solubility and drop surface tension, improving hydration, nutrient assimilation and waste elimination. Bakuhan, the only stone certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health for its natural medicinal qualities, supports optimum circulation and promotes an alkaline state in the body. Taicho stone naturally inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and fungus, and quartz adds soluble silica to the water. The Wellness H2.O water bottle can replace more than 1,100 plastic water bottles per person, each year, and saves each individual consumer up to $1,000 that would normally be spent on bottled water.

Wellness H2.0 (cutaway)

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Price: $29.99 to $49.99

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