True Love is Ecuadorian Chocolate

True Love Is Ecuadorian Chocolate

Arriba defines the area within Ecuador where the superior chocolate originates. The name caught on when a Swiss chocolatier was traveling on the Guayas river and asked a boatman unloading cacao sacks where it came from and his response was “de río arr

Description: Where do the Swiss go to buy the best chocolate in the world? The Trade Commission of Ecuador says it’s a little known fact that Swiss chocolatiers have been traveling to South America for centuries, specifically Ecuador, to stock up on Arriba Nacional cacao. Chocolatiers around the world have long since recognized the superiority of Arriba Nacional cacao beans, but only recently have Ecuadorian labels emerged in America. Ecuadorian chocolate is organic, sustainable, fair trade, superior in quality and you don’t have to go through Europe to get it. You can tell if you are purchasing Ecuadorian chocolate by looking for the word “Arriba” on the label (it’s like ‘Champagne’ defines French wine). Ecuadorian chocolatiers making inroads internationally and in the United States include: Pacari Chocolate ( Aequare Fine Chocolates ( Escoffee (

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Price: $10.00 to $20.00

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