The Happy Baker: A Girl's Guide to Emotional Baking

The Happy Baker: A Girl's Guide To Emotional Baking

The Happy Baker

Description: Erin Bolger is the bake-it-yourself Carrie Bradshaw. She’s discovered the secret to keeping a smile on your face while braving the minefield of modern dating: yummy, homemade baked goods. Mixing hilarious personal dating vignettes with easy-to-follow recipes, THE HAPPY BAKER: A Girl’s Guide to Emotional Baking (Harlequin Nonfiction · October 2010 · Trade Paperback Original · $17.95 U.S.) by Erin Bolger offers creative and delicious means to bounce back from anything the dating world throws your way. Introducing her delicious, down-home desserts with highly relatable personal stories, Bolger is like your long-lost BFF, complete with cookie tin. Thankfully, she’s not afraid to tell all, from her soggy first kiss, memorialized with “There’s a First Time for Every Cornflake Crunchie,” to her first “sleepover date,” celebrated with “Jumbo Banana Pancakes for Two.” And Erin knows how to turn heartbreak into kitchen inspiration, as you’ll see when you try her Netflix-perfect “Newly Single, Toffee Chocolate Popcorn” or her irresistible “Me and My Cookies Are So Over You,” which require some very therapeutic chocolate-chip smashing.

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