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Suit Mom to a Tea - Good Earth Tea!

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Suit Mom To A Tea - Good Earth Tea!

Good Earth "Cocoa Tango" Tea: smooth cocoa meets fiery chilis

Description: Why not reward mom with a box or two of a tea that really captures her personality?! Good Earth Tea, one of America's original herbal tea companies, has amazing tea blends that are natural, calorie-free, hydrating and above all delicious. Is mom the sweetest? Try the sweet taste of Good Earth Pomegranate Burst - green tea with the flavors of pomegranate and cherry, naturally sweetened by stevia! Have a spicier mom who loves chocolate? Why not give her Good Earth Cocoa Tango, with the sensual taste of cocoa and the heat of chili peppers! Mom trying to marry you off? Turn the tables on her with Good Earth Matcha Maker -- it's got the goodness of matcha and bright bursts of citrus. These are just three of Good Earth Tea's full line of unique, amazing, natural flavor fusions. Each tea bag features an inspirational quote to start mom's day off right and let her know you're thinking about her. For more about Good Earth, please visit www.GoodEarth.com

Good Earth "Sweet & Spicy" Tea

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Price: $4.49 to $4.50

Published on May 09, 2014

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