Outer Aisle Gourmet launches first-ever cauliflower based pizza crusts and sandwich thins

Outer Aisle Gourmet Launches First-ever Cauliflower Based Pizza Crusts And Sandwich Thins

Outer Aisle pizza crusts & sandwich thins

Description: Outer Aisle Gourmet recently launched to the California consumer markets the nation's first gluten-free, low-carb cauliflower pizza crusts and cauliflower sandwich thins, that can double as cauliflower wraps and tortillas. Each Outer Aisle product is made from fresh cauliflower transformed into a golden brown baked delicacy, and is low calorie, low glycemic index, nutrient dense and Paleo-friendly. With the tagline, "Vegetables in Disguise" Outer Aisle's products have proven to be a hit with kids – even kids who do not ordinarily like vegetables. The Outer Aisle line is available at Whole Foods Markets and other natural food stores in California and is also available for purchase online. www.outeraislegourmet.com

Outer Aisle pizza crusts

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Price: $5.99 to $6.00

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