JUST CHILL ... our natural relaxation beverage that helps you keep your cool

JUST CHILL ... Our Natural Relaxation Beverage That Helps You Keep Your Cool

Just Chill with one of our three flavors

Description: JUST CHILL® is an award winning, natural beverage designed to help take the edge off. JUST CHILL® refreshes people who like being less uptight and more laid-back. Welcome to our lifestyle... Mission.... Global Chilling... Help people around the world become more laidback and less uptight with our refreshing beverage and company chillosophy. We like to laugh around here and hope you do too. Our flavors.... Tropical...ORANGE AND JUICY... The mouthwatering flavors of mango, peach and orange combine to create our signature “Tropical” flavor. This is the FIRST and ORIGINAL JUST CHILL that started the CHILL movement. Rio Berry ...RICH & COMPLEX... Pomegranate and raspberry flavors come together in a crisp, full-bodied blend, making JUST CHILL: Rio Berry an exotic addition to the JUST CHILL family. Jamaican Citrus ...REFRESHINGLY UNIQUE... With a hint of fresh Cuban mint, JUST CHILL: Caribbean is our celebration of the famous Caribbean-born, Mojito. This unique citrus-mint blend is quickly becoming the go-to drink for many CHILL aficionados. Our ingredients ... Refresh and relax while you enjoy this beverage with benefits. All of the ingredients (L-theanine, Lemongrass, Vitamin C, B-Vitamin Complex, Magnesium and Zinc) work together to help reduce stress without drowsiness while elevating mood and focus.

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Price: $24.00 to $30.00

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