Healthy Eating Series- 3 little Healthy Eating books

Healthy Eating Series- 3 Little Healthy Eating Books

Change Your Eating- Vol 1 in Healthy Eating Books

Description: Vol 1- "Change Your Eating, Change Your Life": You wouldn't put mud into your car's engine to make it run, would you? Then why would you put unhealthy foods into your own body? This little book will show you how to help your body engine run smoothly. Vol 2- "Eating Shouldn't Hurt. Nourishment for the Whole Body": This second book builds on and refers back to ideas covered in the first book by introducing the idea that what we eat may be making us ill! In a fun and informative way, this little book continues to show us how to have a healthy life with healthy eating. After all, eating shouldn't hurt! Vol 3- "Spice It Up! Enhancing Nutrition by using Herbs and Spices": The first and second books of this series laid the foundation for healthy eating by introducing foods that the liver needs to function properly. In this third little book, find out how to lose old habits about eating and learn new ones by offering ways to spice up your meals to provide variety to the healthy foods you eat. Enjoy!

Eating Shouldn't Hurt- Vol 2 in Healthy Eating Books

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