Glass Drinking Straws

Glass Drinking Straws

Green Decorative Dots Ice Tea Straw.

Description: Glass Straws are the latest eco-trend with GlassDharma leading the way as more and more people across the globe say “No Thanks!” to plastic straws. Known for their uniqueness, strength, and beauty, GlassDharma straws are about the best life has to offer - healthy living promoting a healthy world with a “touch of glass”. GlassDharma Glass Straws offer styles and sizes to fit all beverage-ware. Cleaning brushes come in 2 sizes and Hemp Sleeves are available in 3 sizes to fit every GlassDharma glass straw size. A new denim family pack holds 4 straws and cleaning brushes.

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Price: $11.00 to $44.00

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