Energems - delicious energy made with real milk chocolate

Energems - Delicious Energy Made With Real Milk Chocolate

Energems Packaging

Description: Are you looking for a better way to energy this year? Let me introduce you to Energems, an innovative bite-sized energy supplement made with real milk chocolate. Energems “hits” the sweet spot by providing the taste of chocolate and a special blend of B-vitamins and caffeine to give you the boost you need without the jittery feeling. -Unlike other energy drinks, Energems comes in a convenient portable box that allows you to control when, where and how much energy you need. -Each delicious gem is only 15 calories to help maintain your weight and keep that ever so popular New Years resolution! -Energems taste really, really good. -Three gems is the equivalent to a strong cup of coffee, without the mess, cost, and calories of coffee. It’s almost too easy to achieve your ultimate performance and dominate whatever your doing, thanks to Energems! Think of these bad boys as oversized M&Ms with a punch!

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Price: $2.99

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