EFFEN Vodka, The Most Fashionable Hostess Gift This Season

EFFEN Vodka, The Most Fashionable Hostess Gift This Season


Description: EFFEN Vodka is a unique gift to bring to your next dinner party especially for the fashionista's in your life. The brand appreciates thoughtful design and this fact is apparent in not only the smooth liquid, but also in the sleek and sophisticated bottle that houses it. Each bottle features a unique, handcrafted, rubber sleeve that allows for easy, non-slip handling and insulation to keep the liquid chilled and pourers’ hands warm.  Never mass-produced, the sleeve is carefully hand-affixed to each bottle, further demonstrating EFFEN's commitment to providing a Super-Premium vodka with a handcrafted, modern design. EFFEN also worked with designer Richard Chai throughout this year on a number of fashion conscious initiatives including DIFFA's Dining By Design Tour and the design of an exclusive EFFEN Vodka dress that will be auctioned later this year with proceeds going to DIFFA so even if you can't afford to give your friend that designer dress this season, you'll still be able to share a designer cocktail or two. This Super-Premium product line includes EFFEN Vodka, EFFEN Cucumber Vodka, EFFEN Black Cherry Vodka and EFFEN Dutch Raspberry Vodka.

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Price: $29.99

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