CARPO Gourmet Cafe Review - A Tasty Surprise at the center of Athens


During my stay in Athens, I happened to be at the city center, a famous area that combines fashion and intellectuality. Athenians call it Kolonaki - meaning "little column". While I was walking towards the main square, I started smelling sweet chocolate, freshly baked nuts, local and exotic dried fruits and much, much more. I couldn’t help it, so I followed the smell, which brought me in front of a small, corner store called CARPO. And there it was! An oasis at the city center of the place that Aristotle and Plato once lived! Freshly baked nuts and dried fruit, sweet chocolate smells, excuisite quality of black coffee in AAA quality and the welcoming faces of the owners invite all the passerby’s to indulge in a magical journey of their taste.


The different kinds of chocolate with the various nuts come in huge bars and are being cut just in front of you, according to how much you would like to take with you. At the same time, the freshly grounded coffee mesmerises and awakens you in a way that makes you feel you are in Brazil! The atmosphere is lovely, the interior design of the store is magnificant and the best thing is the prices that are absolutely affordable for every single person that the crisis has affected, or even not!


Totally go for CARPO if you happen to be in Kolonaki, the city center of Athens! I always do ...






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