Bushmills 1608

Bushmills 1608

Bushmills 1608

Description: Bushmills 1608 is a very special Irish whiskey created to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the original license to distill granted for the district of Bushmills. Bushmills 1608 is a premium blended Irish whiskey. The heart of the blend is made of Bushmills malt whiskey distilled with crystal malt. When carefully distilled and matured, crystal malt delivers exceptional smoothness as well as distinct toffee and chocolaty notes. Nose: Rich, dense, concentrated and enticing. Raisins, fir honey. Taste: Distinctly sweet but balanced. Reveals great depth and weight behind a soft mouth-feel. Touch of vanilla, toasted almonds, gentle spiciness. Finish: Long and lingering on toffee and dark chocolate.

Price: $100.00

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