Boss Hog Bacon Chocolate Sueyts

Boss Hog Bacon Chocolate Sueyts

Boss Hog Bacon Chocolate Sueyts

Description: It was only a matter of time before Boss Hog discovered how to best combine the two greatest taste treats known to all mankind in a way that they can regularly be enjoyed with the same enthusiastic fever that art connoisseurs relish a day in a fine museum and hedonists enjoy a trip to the day spa. Imagine if you will, your favorite Boss Hog Hickory Smoked Bacon, cooked to absolute crispy perfection and then elegantly plunged into a steaming vat of the highest quality, premium Swiss chocolate (your choice, Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate) so that all that delectably delicious “chocolaty goodness” is allowed to saturate every little nook and cranny, before being allowed to cool, sealing that flavorful explosion within each and every bite. This is one temptingly tantalizing "taste treat" that they most certainly won’t need to call out more than once, to get you come “Pig Out!”

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Price: $19.95

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