Artisan Baking Mixes from Victorian House Scones

Artisan Baking Mixes From Victorian House Scones

Cinnamon Streusel scone made with Original Recipe scone mix

Description: Victorian House Scones offers a complete line of scone and biscuit mixes. Yielding a generous 16 scones or biscuits/bag; we strongly advocate making the dough (add butter and buttermilk, but there are vegan options) then freezing the dough as individual ready-to-bake scones or biscuits. Bake only what you want, when you want it--freezer to preheated oven to table takes slightly less than 20 minutes. A cookie sheet lined with parchment paper is all you will need. Our two "plain" flavors, Original Recipe and Original Oatmeal allow you to be as creative as you wish, for each mix lends itself to the additions of blueberries or cranberries, or chocolate chips, or cinnamon streusel, or whatever else you might choose to add. These artisan mixes were designated Best New product (baking) at World Tea Expo 2009.

Scone and Biscuit mixes from Victorian House Scones

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Price: $9.95

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