91 Point Dry (Brut) Eco Friendly Honey Wine

91 Point Dry (Brut) Eco Friendly Honey Wine

Bee d'Vine Brut 375ml

Description: Brut Bee d'Vine is crisp, dry, and complex. It is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite meal or for sipping by itself. Imbibers who enjoy dry cocktails, Cabernet Sauvignon, Champagne, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Proseco, and Zinfandel will appreciate Brut. -------- Bee d’vine is refreshingly floral and perfumed. Distinctive white flower blossoms come to mind; a layered bouquet of almond, honey suckle and jasmine. The combination of spring water and honey make it abuzz with a lively minerality; imagine the scent of soil, immediately after an evening summer rain in the proximity of a jasmine bush in bloom. Earthen notes give way to hints of almond emphasized by a waxy texture, but the degree differs between the Demi Sec – with a silky mouth feel owing to its higher honey content – and the Brut, which is smooth but leaner. Like the bouquet, the finish exhibits a stark difference from grape wine – crisp but not tannic – possessing a brininess that balances the honey notes. TANNIN FREE honey wine produces a remarkably cleaner finish than grape wines. You can't go wrong enjoying Brut with various seafood or pesto and alfredo pastas. Spicy foods and barbecue are a natural match for Demi Sec. Appellation: Premium mono-floral and multi-floral honey from small family-owned found in Solano and Yolo Counties (Northern California) and Tulare County (Central California). These farms are typically certified organic. Aging: Minimum ten months in the barrel and in the bottle.

Bee d'Vine Brut 750ml

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