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Meeting Tom Fitzgerald, owner of the Fairlight Bakery at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim was no coincidence.  It was manifested as part of my quest for the best alternative breakfast bar for children, in particular school aged students.  Fortunately, for me it did not take long.  The Zac Omega Bar was exactly what I was looking for: an all natural bar with fiber, protein and balanced nutrition, but most importantly a yummy taste.  It had to taste good, or what kid would eat it?

Zac Attack Bars make a tasty snack

 Happily, one bite into the Zac Omega Bar and I was hooked.  The filling of all natural fruit compote was a pleasant surprise; tasty and satisfying.  “The Zac Bar Inc. is a family-run business.  We make baked goods and snacks the way mom made snacks fur us when we were young.  Fresh, all natural, tasty, and honest.”

Let me explain how this meeting came to fruition:  One sunny morning, I walked passed the breakfast benches, as I always do, on my way to my classroom.  This particular morning however, something caught my eye that was most disturbing.  Numerous children munching away at a gooey, sugary mess of a red-dyed ridden cereal bar!  It was accompanied with the usual carton of milk.  No protein in sight!

Zac Attack Strawberry

Students who were finished with their overly sweetened meal were running out of control around the breakfast court.  No wonder!  It was like pouring a bag of sugar down their throats!

Zac Attack Apple

I thought to myself, “Weren’t we supposed to be upgrading the nutrition in the schools?”  Secondly I wondered, “And the powers above are expecting us to raise test scores when the most important meal of the day looked more like a birthday party event rather than a healthy, well balanced meal.”

It was at that point I felt compelled to search for the best breakfast bars that offered a tasty balanced nutrition, vital ingredients, and brain power. I wanted a bar that contained Omega fatty acid which would benefit children in boosting the immune system, and reduce risk in ADHD. 

Zac Attack Bars helping students focus

The Zac Omega bar offers exactly that.  It is an excellent alternative to the ordinary cereal or fruit bar. The first ingredient being oats, as opposed to red dyes or sugar found in many cereals or bars.

The Zac Omega bar is enriched with Omega 3 fatty acid that comes from flax seed.  The bars contain a full 100% daily value of ALA (a-linolenic acid).  Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that boosts the immune system, and plays an important role in cell membrane health.  Studies have shown that it reduces the risk in ADHD, as well as heart disease, strokes, hypertension, and depression.  Additionally, studies have shown that it can be an effective therapy for children with Autism.

The fruit filled bars are a great way for all to start their morning because it is a healthy baked food that tastes delicious. Each bar contains 4 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein and only has 240 calories. You can choose from strawberry, peanut butter & strawberry, marionberry, honey oat raspberry, and honey oat apple.

I am particularly excited to share these bars with my students during state testing week.  It will keep them alert, full and satisfied without that hour later, “crash and burn” feeling  that makes it difficult for students to stay focused for the long and rigorous tests they are mandated to take each year. 

The Fairlight Bakery is a family owned business established on May 1, 1998 and based in Vancouver, Washington.  The bakery is currently distributing to hospitals, universities, and school districts, including Florida, Washington D.C., Maryland, Kansas, Colorado and the cities of Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

The great component of the Fairlight Bakery is having many other bakery items to choose from including scones, brownies, and sugar-free cookies. You can purchase these products online knowing they are baked from scratch with out any added preservatives.

For more information on Fairlight Bakery and the Zac Omega Bar, visit:



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