Xlear Inc. - The Xylitol Experts at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, CA

What is Xlear? Pronounced (Clear) Xlear is a Company based out of Utah that is committed to providing consumers with the healthy benefits of Xylitol, a naturally occurring sweetener, by manufacturing all-natural, health enhancing products. Xlear has grown to be recognized as an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality, all-natural xylitol products.

The Company Xlear- Products sold in Health Food Stores or Online


Brian Craig VP of Sales for Xlear Inc.


I attended the Annual Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, CA. As I combed the floor with hundreds of good natural products, there was one product in particular that I was looking for, it has been receiving a lot of positive buzz throughout the natural product industry for years. I was lucky enough to catch up with Brian Craig VP of Sales of Xlear. Brian has worked with the company for 9 years, and is highly intelligent about the company and all of the products.We sat down for a one-on-one on this fascinating Company everyone was talking about.



The Natural Products Expo in March 2014 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA


Q. How long have you been with the company?




Brian Craig VP of Sales for Xlear: I’ve been with the company 9 years, the company itself is about 14 years old, so I came in the early days when the company was still in itself early stages.




Q: Who is Alonzo Jones?




Brian Craig VP of Sales for Xlear: Alonzo Jones was the one that developed the first product that the company first started with. All of the products are based on Xylitol. Xylitol itself it sounds like a chemical name, but the first part of the word Xylo means wood sound. Xylitol means wood sugar. It was discovered back in the 1890’s. They discovered they were sugar in the fibers portion of the plant. In the woody part of the plant the stems are in the trunks of the trees. But also in the stems like cornstalks and wheatgrass all of those have Xylitol in them. Xylitol is a little bit different then regular sugar in that it’s a five carbon sugar instead of six.  That becomes important and how that becomes and how that gets back to Dr. Alonzo Jones was he had a number of his patients, he was a doctor in Texas and he had a number of his patients coming in with recurrent ear infections. He didn’t want to keep keeping these little kids on course after course of antibiotics.  So he started looking for some natural things that could maybe be an alternative. He came across some research out of Finland that was talking about dental health that they discovered with Xylitol and what happened was, during World War II, a lot of the Finish Villages could not get regular supplies of sugar in, so they remembered about these studies that said they can get Xylitol from the wood bark, so all of a sudden these Villages using more Xylitol in their cooking and sweetening. After the World they noticed that these villages that used more, had better dental health. So these researchers started to do some real in depth investigations as to why that was. They discovered that because Xylitol had that different structure, the bacteria in the mouth could not metabolize it. They lost their ability to stick when they took in, they couldn’t make the bio film that becomes plaque, they couldn’t make the acid that become tooth decay. They started to do a lot of these studied in daycare centers. They were working with really young children, giving them either chewing gum or candies made with Xylitol, that as a comparison to most of the other sugar free that use Zorbitol. What they noticed was that the kids that were taking the Xylitol sweetened items had better dental health. More importantly they actually had about 42 percent fewer ear infections. So when Dr. Jones saw that, he said wait a minute this is a natural substance, if you put it in saline spray and then put it in the nose directly where most of bacteria actually enters the body. He said then you would be able to keep them from sticking there then that would cause fewer problems with the infections. He started mixing up himself, and sure enough, he got 90 percent reduction in ear infections in his clinic with these children. A lot of the parents said hey I’ve been having sinus problems, would it work for me. He said let’s try it! Sure enough it worked very effective for them. But additional, Xylitol is very moisturizing so it moisture the nasal passage ways, made it feel much more comfortable. That’s where the company actually started, building that product for that, then we expanded it to include things for dental health. Anything under the Xlear name is actually for nasal and upper respiratory health. Anything with the Spry name is for dental health. The pure Xylitol can be used as a sugar substitute.  Xylitol is great for diabetics because your body uses it without needing to use insulin. Because it taste like regular sugar and acts like it for the most part, it’s a great substitute. So for a lot of people who are looking for ways how they can cut down my sugar consumption and still not give up the sweet taste, here was an ideal option for them.



Dr. Alonzo Jones, now retired, a family physician in west Texas, studied and found xylitol for improving oral health and its effects on bacteria


Q: How many products do you currently have today?




Brian Craig VP of Sales for Xlear: We have 70 different items. They range from the nasal sprays to even Dr. Oz has been talking about neti pods and a lot of EMT’s talk about using positive pressure bottles. We have all of those, but again all of them with Xylitol it gets that help with them.  But then we have toothpaste, mouthwash, tooth gel for children, candied made for children, mints and chewing gum. A very wide range, we even a number of jams and jellies that are again completely sugar free but made with the Xylitol.




Spry Xylitol Gum and Spry Guilt Free Candy


Spry Toothpaste and Oral Rinse


Xlear has over 70 products for children and adults ranging from dental products, green tea gum to sugar substitute sweetner


Q: What name would the jams and jellies be under in stores?




Brian Craig VP of Sales for Xlear: For the jams and jellies that would be under Nature’s Hallow. For the different food products we have a different name.




Q: How much of this product can you consume in one day?




Brian Craig VP of Sales for Xlear: You know if someone was trying to replace all of their sugar with Xylitol, we normally recommend that they take it a little bit over time. Most people can take up to about 15 to 18 teaspoons full without really noticing a difference. So it’s not like some of the sugar alcohols like maltitol or mannitol that can cause a lot of stomach upset. Xylitol tends to hold on to a lot of water. So we normally recommend if you’re trying to sweeten something that needs a lot of sweetening like lemonade and it’s got a lot of water, you probably wouldn’t want to start off doing that. But if you’re using it with chewing gums or mints you can take quite a bit before you would even notice any loosening. Normally what would happen is it tends to run through the system a little faster. For the most part you can take quite a bit before you would have noticeable effect.




Q: Which product has been the most success in the past 10 years?




Brian Craig VP of Sales for Xlear: The most successful has been the nasal spray in particular.  The reason for that is because again, a lot of people if they’ve been using the antihistamines or decongestants. You know sometimes with our lifestyles, we get so busy and we say I can’t afford to have a cold, I can’t afford to go through this. But there are a lot of side effects with it, you get that dryness and some people even say they actually get to the point where they get nose bleeds with it. The advantage with this one is because you’re not medicating, but you’re washing away a lot of those triggers and the pollutants. You’re also hydrating and rebuilding the tissues, you’re actually working while with it. So we’ve had a lot of good success with that one. And then the next one is because we’ve worked so closely with the dental community, the gums and mints have also been stellar products.



Xlear Nasal Spray an award-winning, patent saline and xylitol solution






Q: What’s the future for Xylitol? Do you have a direction as to where you want to go, where you want to be?




Brian Craig VP of Sales for Xlear: Well there’s still a situation where a lot of people haven’t heard about Xlear. That’s the big key, as we’ve been working with dentist and the dental community, a lot of them have been very interested. Here’s a positive way to help your dental health without depriving yourself. Here’s something that’s saying when you’re eating snacks or after you’ve finish, use a Xylitol product so it’s going to help prevent that! Or in the case of the pollens, allergies, and the sinusitis, we know and I’m sure from the most part people say it’s been worst. “When I was a kid I didn’t have any problems, now that I am older, I’m always having problem”. What do you do for a natural remedy against that, something that’s not medicating you all the time and keeping you in a fog? I see both of those areas increasing dramatically. There’s a lot of good research going into other benefits of Xylitol, because it interferes with bacterial ability to make biofilm. Their actually looking at it in of all things wound dressings, and preventing infections from coming up from that stand point. So it’s amazing when they start looking at all of those possibilities and the research that’s going on in a natural product and the all the placeable applications.






Q: Is there something you would like to add, that needs to be known about Xlear or something you are involved in?




Brian Craig VP of Sales for Xlear: Above and beyond the products, and that whole education aspect we say. One of the other things that we also try to do is as a company, how do we become a good community member. We are very much involved in a lot of charitable organizations. Some that don’t have anything to do with the exact products that we are selling or the exact area. We’ve been working with a couple of really good charities, for example working with children with cystic fibrosis and teaching them to walk. We’ve worked with and been involved in a lot of the disaster type programs. We’ve donated a lot of toothpaste and chewing gums and things even into areas like Haiti, where the people were devastated with absolutely nothing. Or into some of the other programs, we want to be able to reach out above and beyond and also give back to the community!








Q: Thanks so much Brian Craig I appreciate your time. After hearing about all of the natural health benefits that your company Xlear has provided for the consumer, I look forward to getting the word out and purchasing your products for myself!




Brian Craig VP of Xlear: Great! Thank you!


Xlear Inc. based out of American Fork, Utah continues to innovate and distribute the highest quality products. Please visit the Website for more information on Xlear including recipes, product knowledge and locating a store near you.








Photos courtesy and property of: Kirsten Hurley  from PR Revolution and Journalist Donica Denene










Xlear the industry leaders in the manufacturing and distrubution of high- quality all natural xylitol products


Xlear has over 70 products for children and adults including gum, candy, mints, nasal spray,toothpaste, and sweetner


Spry Gem Mints in different flavors






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