Why Food Trucks Are All The Hype

Whether you’re out on the town looking for a quick bite to eat, or at a festival discovering new vendors when you feel a twinge of hunger coming on in the middle of an entertaining act, food trucks are likely to be parked close by offering fun and filling food options that hit the spot. North Americans have been waving off pretentious cafes and expensive restaurants in favour of street food to take on the go ever since the invention of lunch time wagons in the late 19th century. However, the real hype around food trucks didn’t emerge until just under a decade ago.

Vendors began selling Korean BBQ and Mexican Tacos, crossing economic boundaries in a way that made high quality options more affordable – very different from the traditionally greasy food truck fare of burgers and fries. In a way, food trucks became an opportunity to start mobile restaurants by converting the insides of vehicles into full kitchens. Suddenly, it made having an enterprise more affordable for aspiring caterers and restaurant owners in the midst of a global recession. It was an opportunity for chefs to bring their recipes to the people rather than wait around for business to come.

Within the last ten years as well, it seems that more and more working people are struggling to manage their hunger in relation to the number of hours they have in a day to complete or accomplish all that they want to. Purchasing from a food truck curbs this hunger quickly and also enables them to try something unique, avoid traditional fast food joints, and find something that is markedly less expensive when compared with sit-down service.

If you’re putting on an event, ordering food trucks for private experiences or block parties has also become a popular, unpretentious and laid-back choice that doesn’t ask you to sacrifice quality. With caterers like the Food Dudes for example, you can choose from a rich and tangy smoked meat Reuben sandwich, or a light vegan quinoa chop chop. You can even try a decadent fudge brownie with salted caramel and peanut butter when you’re craving a treat. The Food Dudes catering services are an industry leader in Toronto’s food truck revolution, working tirelessly to marry innovation and crowd-pleasing recipes to reflect modern charm. When it comes to food quality and creativity, they truly distinguish themselves from the pack.

The population has made itself more flexible and mobile in order to seize every opportunity for success, so the food they consume has shifted to match that, meeting the needs of consumers head on. Food trucks are just one example of how those in the industry who are passionate about food rise to the occasion and make their own luck – which is highly reflective of modern sensibilities. It is likely then, that mobile restaurants such as these will retain their popularity for many years to come. If you’re ever looking to have food catered in an more informal way, they are also a trendy option.

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