VeganSmart Brunch - A Tasty Introduction to the Vegan Lifestyle

The Vegan lifestyle was brought to the masses with the fabulous VeganSmart Brunch on Sunday, July 12th at The Container Yard in downtown Los Angeles. VeganSmart along with BadAss Vegan and Vegan Food Share teamed up for this first time event that made for the perfect Sunday brunch.

VeganSmart Ice Cream

VeganSmart Exec Martin Ekechukwu, VeganSmart CEO Kareem Cook, VeganSmart ambassador and health/fitness enthusiast (host of the event) John Lewis aka BAD ASS VEGAN

The 600 guests in attendance, whether a veteran of eating vegan or a first time taster, all seemed to be blown away by the wide ranging food that was being served and even more importantly the amazing taste. This beautiful sunny day kicked off with some fabulous VeganSmart smoothies. To help deal with the heat there was also vegan ice cream made with VeganSmart. From their guests tried sliders made with Beyond Meat Beasty Sliders and VeganSmart Southwestern Quesadilla. Even the cocktails fit this lifestyle, as Three Hunters Vodka was serving drinks with their vegan friendly spirit. To finish the day off was cheesecake from Daiya. If you closed your eyes and tasted this creamy dessert you would swear you were eating the real thing.

The VeganSmart Lineup

"There are people who want to look sexy and be in shape and they can get all of their protein from a plant based diet. What we are doing is changing the image, we are redefining what veganism is," Kareem Cook, VeganSmart CEO, stated. "It is simply better for you, the hosptials aren't filled with vegetarians."

"You have to crawl before you walk. You start with the idea of meatless monday, people think that is a cool idea. Then they try it three times a week and they are like "Wow, I haven't eaten a steak in seven days." Then you try 21 days and they realize it is not that hard and then onto 42 days and you keep going," Kareem added.

VeganSmart Quesadilla with Daiya

Serving up some tasty VeganSmart smoothies

VeganSmart is not only the tastiest vegan nutritional shake on the market, but it also is literally your all-in-one packet when it comes to your daily nutrition. The vitamin content will make you feel as if you taking a daily multi-vitamin, in addition you are going to prebiotics and a digestive enzyme blend, six grams of dietary fiber and 20 grams of non-gmo protein. Of course it is also dairy and soy free as well as gluten free. If you are looking to take a little step into the vegan world, VeganSmart shakes are a great start.

The Container Yard

For more information visit: VeganSmart

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