Spoonful of Comfort - The Gift of Comfort, Appreciation and Home Cooking

Back to school means a number of things, but we usually think of our kids when it comes to this time of the year. The teacher is often and afterthought, but they mean so much to not only the students, but the parents as well. Trying to find a perfect gift is often a challenge, but Spoonful of Comfort is one gift that will be sure to not only put a smile on their face, but let them know how much they mean to you.

Chicken Noodle Package

Spoonful of Comfort is the gift of home cooking and making you feel like your mom just sent you a gift package. The soup comes fresh in a four serving container. The chicken noodle soup will remind you nothing of what you will find in the store. Think of making some homemade soup with thick heart noodles, big chunks of lean chicken and fresh and tasty vegetables. This soup will spoil you, there is no question. Then to finish it off, Spoonful of Comfort can add cookies which are so good they could be a gift all by themselves. The snickerdoodle cookies are simply as good as it gets. They are so soft the only difference between these and fresh out of the oven is these aren't warm, but they still melt in your mouth.

Cookie Package

Whether it is to celebrate your new teacher, send them something to celebrate a special day or maybe your little one sneezed and go them sick, Spoonful of Comfort will comfort that teacher regardless of the day. This is the gift that is thoughtful and practical, I am sure every teacher would love to come home to Spoonful of Comfort and be able to take a night off from cooking after a long day of teaching.

As seen on Shark Tank, Spoonful of Comfort offers chicken noodle soup, butternut squash, tomato soup, summer vegetable soup and the gluten-free package. Packaging these soups with cookies is a must as you can choose from; snickerdoodle, sugar, chocolate chip and other flavors - including select ones that are gluten free. The packages are beautifully packaged, adding that extra special touch to make teachers feel appreciated while they're recovering or just to let them know how important they are. There is mo need to limit this gift to teachers. If you have a sick relative or a child away at college for the first time, receiving a Spoonful of Comfort package will lift their spirits, even if they aren't under the weather.

For more information, visit: Spoonful of Comfort

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