Rules For A Healthy & Fit Body Throughout The Year

Rules For A Healthy & Fit Body Throughout The Year
       It’s that time of the year again. The time when bikinis are put away and everyone is reaching for a jacket.

Many of us find that this is also the time where we tend to put on a little extra weight. If we aren’t careful all of our hard summer work will go down the drain.
Here are a few tips to fight and WIN against the Bludge:
Stay Hydrated
Water is your friend! It loves you. Love it back by drinking at least one gallon of water a day. You will find that your appetite will be curbed and that your skin will look amazing. Water is so awesome that it tricks your body into thinking that it’s full, which makes you eat less. At night when that last piece of pumpkin pie is calling you, try drinking a glass of water instead.

Monitor Your Portion Sizes
When it comes to food, size matters. Keep your carb intake low especially at night  and instead fill up on fruits and vegetables. Your plate should like a rainbow full of beautiful colors. Try if at all possible to minimize your starch intake. 
Eat Lots Of Raw Vegetables
Raw vegetables are high in nutrients, water and fiber. They tend to be filling. But don’t eat too many carrots as they contain more sugar.
Stay Away From Sugar
Sugar is something that we should limit in our diet.  Things like soda, desserts, chips and even condiments have loads of sugar added into them , so read labels to make sure you are not getting unwanted sugar.

Limit Alcohol Intake
I have seen friends just cut out alcohol intake and they have lost weight. I call alcohol the snake because it sneaks up on you in more ways than one. Alcohol is FULL of sugar and sugar turns into fat.. You know the old saying "Beer Belly" Its true.  So watch out because that cute little cocktail will make your stomach look like flubber.
Eat Breakfast 
Studies show that people who eat breakfast weigh less, have more energy and are happier. So why would you skip out on all of those great things? Don’t. Start your day off right with Breakfast.

Whole Grain Treats

Stay Active
Whether you enjoy running, yoga, zumba or the stair master always remember to put  your body into motion. Do a little dance while washing the dishes, jog in place while watching your favorite show, do sit ups while on your conference call at work. As the colder months approach you might need a little help staying motivated, so try calling a trainer or get a workout buddy. 
By using these simple tricks you will be able to maintain a healthy body and mind for the entire year.

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