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Perla Restaurant Review - The Food Pearl of Puerto Rico

By Jon Treleaven

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Perla is situated in one of the Puerto Rico’s most elite hotels, La Concha Resort. The short walk across a row of fountains leads you to a breathtakingly modern bar. This is not your run of the mill bar, but complete with ambiance, top dance music and full of modern charm. As I entered into the restaurant area the warm smiles from two hostesses gently swinging to the beat of the music emerging from the bar greeted me.

The wave molded walls, high ceilings and unique decorum uncover this architectural gem, shaped like a clam. Opened windows let in the sound of waves crashing against the shore adding to the ambiance. I can now appreciate the beauty of a Perla.


The waitress presented herself and quickly provided their wine list via iPad. Appealing to their tech savvy patrons, this iPad displayed a variety of over 1000+ wines. Impressive! I went with the Alto las Malbec which proved to be a wonderful choice among so many options.

My dining experience began with a tuna tartar with ginger pickled vegetables and yucca chips. This refreshing tuna was chilled to perfection and topped with a perfectly cooked yucca crisp. The yucca stole the show and far surpassed any yucca I have ever eaten.  I only wish there had been a bit more kick to the tuna itself.

Although the balsamic roasted pear salad with maytag blue cheese and sugar crusted walnuts took a little longer than expected, the salad provided a good mix of sweetened walnuts and generous portions of blue cheese.


Tuna Tartar


My first entrée was the Pan Roasted Sea Bass.  It is typically prepared with main lobster and truffle risotto lobster blanc; however, as unusual as it sounds, I made a special request for dishes prepared without pork or shellfish.  Thank you to Chef Lindell Smith for accommodating such an unusual request. Due to my food restrictions the meal was prepared with vegetables and truffle risotto. The sea bass was moist, tender and packed with flavor.


Pan Roasted Sea Bass

Double Roasted Lamb Chop

For my second entrée I chose the Roasted Double Lamb Chops and Lentil Stew which was paired with slow grilled vegetables marinated in Spanish olive oil and aged Sherry.  This dish was to die for and although I have never been a strong advocate for lamb, the flavor was intense, without being pungent or overwhelming. 


I finished with two rounds of dessert, both different, but delightful. It began with the Boca Negra Cake. The chocolate and marshmallow with graham cracker ice cream was a creative twist on the typical s’mores. Definitely worth trying. I finished with a warm soft centered Chocolate Cake topped with vanilla chocolate fudge ice cream and hazelnut crumbs. Already one of my favorite deserts, but still so amazing.


Boca Negra Cake

Soft Center Warm Chocolate Cake

The wait staff and chef were attentive and incredible. Perla is one of Puerto Rico’s precious gems. A must visit while in Puerto Rico.


For more information please visit The Peral Resturant website

Published on Feb 13, 2014

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