Passion for Chocolate: A day with Jaques and Hasty Torres

Can you imagine a job where you can eat chocolate all day? And work with your spouse at the same time? That’s the real life fairy tale story of Jacques Torres and Hasty Torres.  He is one of the most respected pastry chefs from France. She is known in Beverly Hills as “Madame Chocolat”. Together, they are the first couple of chocolate. At the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival, they joined together to demonstrate their ‘sweet’ success.


Their fun attitude towards life, love and chocolate was evident to all of the guests as they bantered back and forth like some sort of chocolate tennis match. Jacques discussed his charitable side as he spoke of how he helped raise money for breast cancer. “I hate cancer, but I love breasts”, he exclaimed.


There were also plenty of chocolate jokes to go around. “Do you know the difference between chocolate and men”? Jacques asked. “Chocolate gives you pleasure every time”. Ah, gotta love the French!


They talked (and even danced) as they were making chocolate and molds that they “painted” with edible glitter – which I bet was created in the 80’s. Hasty said she prefers African cocoa beans as the base for her chocolate. They shared stories about how they met and how they also worked with the girls from Playboy to give Hugh Hefner a birthday surprise; Chocolate body parts, of course.

By the end of the 45 minute demonstration, they had created chocolate lipstick, a bright yellow chocolate high heel, a brilliant chocolate diamond, a quilted Chanel purse that looked like actual patent leather, and even sunglasses made out of chocolate. It was fun, informative, and best of all - included samples!


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