Nutrition On The Go

When we’re on the go or in a time crunch, it’s not always easy to eat well and eat right. It seems like such a strange paradox of the modern condition that we are surrounded by so many food choices yet so few of them provide our bodies with what we really need. In this article, I want to provide some easy solutions for a nourishing and healthy lifestyle. For most of us, breakfast seems to be the meal we typically forgo. And that’s fair. The last thing we want to do is be breaking out pots and pans when we could be squeezing in an extra ten minutes of sleep. An easy fix to this predicament is simply keeping your pantry full of food options rich in protein and vitamins. Great options for breakfast include instant oatmeal with sliced banana, nuts, and raisins. Drizzle your oatmeal with all natural agave nectar for a great, sumptuous taste.  

Or if you really have no time to prepare anything at all, grab a banana and an energy bar. Bananas are wonderful sources of vitamins, potassium, and iron. Just having one banana can quell your hunger!


Energy bars and drinks are also great for when you’re on the road or going on an outdoor adventure. Some of my favorite brands include: Muscle Milk, Luna Bars, and Kind.  Many of these brands feature all natural ingredients, which is a great way to boost your day’s nutrition. Other kinds of healthy “on the go” options include sliced fruit and yogurt. Pick your favorite fruits and toss them together into a snap container served with a side of your favorite yogurt for a healthy, sweet afternoon snack! 

A simple tomato avocado salad drizzled lightly with EVOO and Balsamic Vinaigrette is a delicious and nutrition rich option as well.

If you’re looking for some protein, always keep lean deli meat around. It’s clean, healthy, and light in calories and goes with pretty much anything. Wrap your favorite lean meat around your choice of fruit or vegetable (like jicama, fig, or dates) and dip into a whole grain mustard for a satisfying snack. And finally, as many of us know, hummus is a great protein substitute. Always keep some fresh hummus in the fridge along with raw vegetables or whole grain pita bread for dipping. Forgoing a meal once in a while is inevitable, but always make sure to keep healthy options around so that you aren’t just grabbing whatever is around to satiate your temporary hunger attack!

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